Top 5 Best Replacement Insoles For Men’s & Women’s Tennis Shoes (2021 Reviews)

Best Insoles For Tennis Shoes

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Best Insoles For Tennis Shoes

If you are a tennis player, regardless of whether you are a professional or not. Don’t miss the top five best shoe soles we’ve given below!

People have many ways to make different shoe insoles. Tennis shoe insoles also come in a variety of materials. To choose the right one, you need to consider your situation.

Are you a professional athlete? How often do you use shoes? Where do you use your shoes? When you answer these questions, there will be shoe insoles suitable for your tennis shoes

Orthotic Shoes Insoles, Full...
UBUJI Insoles for Men & Women...
WHITIN Shoes Insert for...
Orthotic Shoes Insoles, Full...
UBUJI Insoles for Men & Women...
WHITIN Shoes Insert for...
Orthotic Shoes Insoles, Full...
Orthotic Shoes Insoles, Full...
UBUJI Insoles for Men & Women...
UBUJI Insoles for Men & Women...
WHITIN Shoes Insert for...
WHITIN Shoes Insert for...

Top 5 Best Insoles For Tennis Shoes 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: HVICK Orthotic Shoes Insoles 

Orthotic Shoes Insoles, Full...
  • 【Premium Material】Our orthotics...
  • 【U Shape】The arch insoles are...
  • 【Arch Support】 3D design is...

You may be surprised to have a strange brand listed as our best. Please trust us. These are the right choices for you. The brands are small but have very good product quality. Moreover, every person who has ever purchased this product on amazon rated it highly.

At first glance, this is a very normal type of shoe lining. Its structure is nothing special. But, this type of shoe lining is special in that common sense. It can be said that this type of shoe lining is very suitable for tennis players. This type designed with many sizes suitable for both men and women.

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A special thing about this shoe lining is that everyone likes it. When you buy shoes that are not the right size for your feet, you can cut them to fit your feet without having to change them. You can customize a one-way cut so that the shoe lining can be placed inside the shoe. The concave design in the middle helps prevent unfortunate injuries. 


  • U-shaped heel section handy
  • Material environmental protection and skin protection
  • Length can be customized as you like
  • Wide application, suitable for many different types of shoes. (Especially suitable for tennis shoes)


  • The design is too simple, with no special accents

#2 Best Medical Support: UBUJI Insoles for Men & Women

UBUJI Insoles for Men & Women...
  • 【Medical Grade Arch Supports for...
  • 【Scientifically Proven Design...
  • 【Highly Recommend by Doctors for...

This is a new brand again. The best-selling and best-quality product of this brand is the tennis shoe lining. All customers who buy have rated five stars for quality and service. Isn’t it only a big brand that can make a good pair of shoes? The UBuji brand has proven that smaller brands are also possible!

The shoe lining works to increase the most contact surface for the feet and shoes. That is to make the shoe fit. Only when using a pair of shoes suitable for feet, the tennis player can move on the field. When the contact surface is narrowed, tennis players reduce the pain the shoes cause. Note that this pain is not caused by poor quality shoes. This pain caused by the special surface of the foot that does not fit the current shoe.

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This type of shoe lining protects the heel under the heavy impact on the court. Because of the peculiarity of this sport, the player must be very active in the heel and foot section. This action helps athletes so that they can stand on the field. Besides, this liner is made of special material, both hard and flexible, not broken.


  • Durable material
  • The surface is thick and breathable
  • Good support for flat feet
  • Fix your foot and fit your shoe better


  • Special foot type for flat feet, not suitable for all foot shapes

#3 Best Arch Support: WHITIN Arch Support Shoe Inserts

WHITIN Shoes Insert for...
  • MEDIUM ARCH SUPPORT:This insoles...
  • DEEP HEEL CUP:This arch support...
  • PAIN RELIEF:Arch Pain & Arch...

Don’t be surprised when you see a strange name. This is an emerging shoe brand that is very much released at The shoes from this brand are chosen and used by many consumers. Do not let the shadow of famous brands make you forget the emerging brands. Sometimes baby brands have plenty of time to make a quality product.

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This is the type of shoe lining that tennis players are fond of using. Tennis experts always have in their shoe cabinets at least two pairs of this type. Tennis often causes serious foot injuries. This type of shoe lining helps cut injuries when playing tennis. Design with two layers grafted together, one layer is the bottom rubber, the upper layer is fluffy. It helps cut slippery.

Equipped with Nylon Stabilizer Cap to cut foot friction. It helps you have a smooth and comfortable walk. This improves the impact that leads to injuries when playing tennis. Besides, the two-layer design has an anti-life effect and arch support. It helps you relieve pain when using shoes for a long time.


  • Strong leg support
  • There are soft cushions to help it be comfortable using shoes for a long time
  • The bending effect causes the shoe lining to hug your foot


  • Many people do not like nylon lid base

#4 Best Design: AILAKA Elastic Shock Absorbing Height Increasing Sports Shoe Insoles

Ailaka Elastic Shock Absorbing...
  • SUPER SHOCK ABSORPTION: The elastic...
  • BREATHABLE & ODOR FREE: The mesh...

It’s not natural that we classify this sole as a Best design category. Conventional soles, of course, don’t have special designs like this. This type of sole designed in the shape of honeycomb is rarely seen on the market. One of the best benefits of this sole is ventilation. That is, when using this sole, the air circulation in the shoe is very good, which helps reduce sweat in the shoe.

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This sole is suitable for high-intensity sports like tennis. And more suitable for people who can sweat a lot. The foam material combined with the honeycomb holes helps to breathe. It also increases the softness of the shoe lining. When your shoes are well-ventilated. The conditions like foot odor and sweating will never happen!

It was great that I found a brand that produces only insoles and shoe soles. To survive in a competitive market, this brand has chosen a new direction. Specialized in manufacturing shoe lining. Looking at the list of Ailaka products, we can see a lot of shoes lining with different designs and styles. This explains that the brand’s product rated 100% as five stars.


  • Unique design
  • Reduce health conditions related to foot sweat
  • Suitable for any type of active sports 


  • Many people do not like the porosity of this honeycomb shoe lining

#5 Best Budget: KAILEDI Sports Insoles

If you don’t have a lot of money but still want to use a good quality shoe lining? KAILEDI Sports Insoles is your best choice. This is the cheapest shoe lining of the five types we mentioned above, but not so that its quality reduced. It guarantees the most basic functions for tennis shoe lining.

This brand is a brand not specialized in manufacturing shoes or shoe lining. This brand produces many other products with diverse designs and functions. But, it can be said that they are very interested in their products. So it’s no surprise that an amateur shoe company has a type of shoe lined with five-star reviews on

Good material, without the presence of latex. The material helps you feel comfortable when used for a long time. This type of shoe lining is not as soft as other types but still makes the foot comfortable and not hard.


  • Common style design
  • Cheap
  • Matching tennis shoes


  • Many people because of cheap price ignore it

How To Choose Best Insoles For Tennis Shoes?

1. Choose a shoe lining that suits your purpose 

If you only use it for daily walks or for regular exercise, choose the lightweight one. If you need to use them for professional sports such as soccer or tennis. You should choose specialized shoe insoles

Tennis shoes are very different from regular shoes. When playing on the tennis court, players have to move in many different directions at a fast pace. Thus, if using a regular shoe, tennis players are easy to fall. That’s why people need specialized shoes for sports.

Specialized tennis shoes have a great effect on helping players balance. They can move and change positions at a very fast speed without falling. It contributes to stabilizing the body-weight when moving. This effect depends very much on the soles and insoles.

The lighter the shoes, the softer the footsteps. But, for tennis shoes, it should guarantee both factors. The shoes must be light. If the shoe is too heavy, tennis players will move very hard. But, shoes also need a thick cushion. Or is the shoe lining enough thickness? Due to the high movement of the field, a shoe lining is needed to protect your foot.

2. Choose shoe linings that suit the terrain

In the fall and winter, people often play tennis on the hardcourt. In the spring and summer, people often play the clay-court type. There are many questions about what kind of shoes to wear on different types of court surfaces. The biggest difference between the two types of pitch is the structure of the sole.

When playing tennis on a hard court, it is important to note that the fall will hurt. So the surface of the sole needs special design to help the shoe grip the surface of the yard better. These types of shoe soles are usually designed in a zigzag fashion. Besides, the shoe lining used for this shoe is usually softer and thicker. It works to cut collisions when players are on hard courts.

When playing on clay courts, the design of tennis shoes is a bit simpler. The lower base has few deep grooves to avoid dirt. The shoe lining material is also thinner. Shoe insoles should be breathable and comfortable to use.

3. Choose the shoes lining that suits the weather 

The weather is also quite important. In winter, it is cold to choose shoes with a thicker lining. But in the summer, the weather is hot, there is no need to use shoes that are too thick. The important thing is ventilation. When you sweat a lot, both cause foot odor and harm to health. Never forget the weather when choosing to buy shoes and insoles.


Q: Where can I buy insoles for tennis shoes?

Amazon is your top choice. At Amazon, you can find many types of tennis shoe insoles with a variety of unique designs. They are from many different brands across the globe. Besides, the delivery policy will ensure products arrive to you.

Q: Can I use a tennis shoe lining for normal shoes?

It is possible. As long as you find the right shoe lining for your shoes. Tennis shoe lining has many improvements. It helps your shoes have more comfortable functions.

Found Your Best Tennis Shoes Insole?

SOLE Performance Medium Cork Shoe Insoles
SOLE Performance Medium Cork Shoe Insoles

Thus, when choosing to buy tennis shoes, you need to pay attention to the shoe lining. Not all shoe insoles are right for you. Depending on the shape of the foot or the purpose of use, there may also be different types of shoe insoles. Find out before you buy to choose the type of shoe lining that best suits your tennis shoes. The most important thing when choosing to buy shoe lining is your comfort.

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Top 5 Best Replacement Insoles For Men’s & Women’s Tennis Shoes (2021 Reviews)

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