Top 5 Best Tennis Dampeners for Your Racquet (2021 Reviews)

Best Tennis Dampeners for Your Racquet

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Best Tennis Dampeners for Your Racquet

Is there a perfect way to hit the racquet harder than ever in tennis? Yes, sure. You can impress your peers with the best tennis dampener! It keeps vibrations down to a minimum when you hit the ball.

A dampener helps reduce any ping sound from the touch of the racquet and the ball. This sound usually annoys the players, so most tennis players choose to put a dampener onto their racquets. Now let’s find the one which feels best to you! 

ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener...
Sorbz Tennis Dampeners - Super...
Wilson Pro Feel Vibration...
ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener...
Sorbz Tennis Dampeners - Super...
Wilson Pro Feel Vibration...
ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener...
ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener...
Sorbz Tennis Dampeners - Super...
Sorbz Tennis Dampeners - Super...
Wilson Pro Feel Vibration...
Wilson Pro Feel Vibration...

5 Best Tennis Dampeners For Your Racquets 2021

#1 Best Overall: ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener 

ADV Tennis Vibration Dampener...

The tennis dampener of ADV is at the top of our list since it allows the players to discover different levels of absorption. It’s best to try each of them to know which one suits your racquets the best. 

This option is also great for those who experience dampeners for the first time. There’s no need to adjust it many times after you insert it. The ADV tennis dampener owns a special locking system so that it never drops on the ground. 

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However, the best part of it would be how it helps you prevent injuries. Once using the dampener for the racquet, you can avoid the heavy impact of the shock on your elbow and wrist. 

Lastly, the dampener is innovated by a team of coaches and professional players who are passionate about creating top-rated tennis products. Though it’s costlier than a few others, you can tell that it’s super durable and long-lasting.

Product specs

Weight  0.8 ounces 
Highlight features Locking system and modern design


  • Smooth, soft materials
  • Groove-lock system
  • Reduce ping noise


  • Fewer color options

#2 Best Design: Sorbz Tennis Dampeners 

Have fun and show your talent on the court now with the best tennis dampener by Sorbz! It’s not only unique in design but also efficient at protecting your elbows and wrists from unwanted vibrations.

The dampener of ADV Tennis receives so much love thanks to its durable and impressive performance. By having it, you will take your gaming regimen to the next level. Also, you can enjoy the freedom of positioning the dampener anywhere on the racquet.

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Above all that,  its unique design can steal your heart at first sight. It’s not only easy to install but also nice-looking to use. 

Each dampener from the set owns a fun and vivid look: cat, koala, sun, flower, heart, cow, Ying Yang, Happy Emoji, panda, American flag, and so on. For that reason, they turn out to be the beautiful gifts to share with your tennis team, right? Or you just switch these designs depending on your mood! 

Product specs

Weight  1.3 ounces 
Highlight features Super fun collection and good quality


  • Simple to use
  • Funny and vibrant designs
  • Durable 


  • Takes time to insert

#3 Best for Longevity: Wilson Pro Feel Tennis Vibration Dampener

Wilson Pro Feel Vibration...
  • Reduce vibrations
  • Provides more comfort while playing
  • Available in various colors

The premium-quality material is what you should consider Wilson Pro dampener. It’s made of leather that promises greater longevity. Such a thing enables the item to last for at least one hundred hours of tennis play.  

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Moreover, the shock absorber claims to offer you the best experience and highest comfort when hitting the ball. 

No matter what kind of your play style, the Wilson Pro vibration dampener can help lower the string vibration for superior performance on the court. It lets the players take full control of the racquet whenever the hard balls come their way.

Also, the dampener can be put anywhere in the racquet, such as on the top, at the bottom, on the left or right side. If you want to look professional, insert it into a Wilson racquet. 

Product specs

Weight  0.32 ounces 
Highlight features Durable and superb comfort 


  • Different shapes and colors
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to fit 


  • Easily comes off the strings

#4 Best for Maximum Dampening: Head Smartsorb Vibration Dampener

HEAD Smartsorb Tennis Racket...
  • HEAD PERFORMANCE: Born out of...
  • IMPROVED FEEL: Less vibration means...

At a budget price, the Smartsorb Vibration Dampener still offers you such an awesome dampening in the shape of a worm. It has a strong impact on lowering the irritating sound of your strings whenever hitting the ball.

It works like other absorbers but can weave through six strings of the racquet. This allows the highest coverage with little clasps at the end. 

For those seeking a dampener that can hold up in the long run, the Head brand won’t be disappointing. 

To install it, move to the string bed below the final cross string. We recommend you place them between two main strings, and stretch it gently while you’re weaving.  

Product specs

Weight  0.48 ounces 
Highlight features Maximum dampening and easy to install


  • Avoid injury 
  • Easy to install
  • Offers great comfort


  • Easily breaks 

#5 Offering Best Feel with the Swing: HEAD Djokovic Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener

HEAD Djokovic Tennis Racket...
  • HEAD PERFORMANCE: Born out of...
  • IMPROVED FEEL: Less vibration means...

HEAD brand specializes in manufacturing sports equipment and workout clothing. They have applied the most up-to-date techniques available to improve those tools and accessories for decades. 

Head Djokovic dampener is made of the silicon and elastomer rubber that can help decrease the vibrations of the string. This material is quite lightweight and durable,  Better than that, it boosts comfort and protects your arm during the play. 

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Besides, you’ll see how perfectly the dampener works when it never falls off. That’s because the item is a circle with one built-in groove. Feel free to adjust the tension of the dampener by moving it up and down. 

It’s up to you to select two different packs, including the HEAD logo and Novak Djokovic logo.

Product specs

Weight  0.32 ounces 
Highlight features Great fit and avoid injuries


  • Feels great with the swing
  • Easy to put on
  • Good fit


  • Absorbs less shock

How to set up the dampeners

To set up the vibration dampeners with built-in grooves.

  • First of all, you need to decide whether you should put it on below the cross string at the bottom or above the top one. Try to use fingers to pull the long strings apart, and make sure it’s wide enough for you to insert it between these strings.
  • Let two strings sit into the grooves to adjust the dampener, and place it against the cross string. 
  • For longer style, make it through the middle strings before weaving every end under and over the longer ones. If it’s impossible to weave it, then attach the ends to one long string.
  • The rule here is to prevent the ball from striking the vibration dampener. Do not let it move in a strange direction. Sure enough, the design of the accessory is your own choice, especially in professional performance. But in ordinary play, add any style you like as long as the others around you won’t get irritated.

Everyone loves to create their own style and add it to their personal gear. It’s a lot of fun when the dampeners arrive in every sort of shape and style. 

Top 3 Tennis Dampener Brands

As a ball hits the flat net of your racquet, a dampener will make the “ping” sound less tiresome. We’ve handpicked the top 3 brands of tennis dampeners that you might like to take a look: 

1. ADV Tennis

It’s a large group of tennis players and coaches who innovate and make accessories, offering every player big advantages. They want to produce exceptional design and bring the premium-quality products to the players without the big cost.

2. Wilson 

The Wilson brand is a USA sports equipment manufacturer. Its headquarter is located in  Chicago, Illinois. The company concentrates on baseball, basketball, tennis, golf, squash, softball, American football, and badminton. 

3. Head  

You can trust Head’s decent products that are all made of the high-performance materials mixed with up-to-date designs. It’s an American and Dutch company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It specializes in a wide range of stuff for tennis, skiing, swimming, snowboarding and racquet sports.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to keep a vibration dampener durable? 

The dampener will be durable as long as you expected when the ball doesn’t strike it. It can last months. Try to be more cautious once you insert it into the racket. Never pull all ends by clips. Let’s begin in the middle at first and then push these ends towards any string you’d like to attach to.

Doing that enables the ends to break off, but ensure to weave the dampener between the strings of the racquet. Bear in mind that the normal ones can’t be as durable as the other types of dampeners that are made of plain rubber.

2. What is the poly-silicone material technology applied to the dampener?

Good question! There are different densities of silicone blended within each type of the dampeners, including the Max Sorb,  Sorb, and Touch. 

As the silicone composite is denser, you’ll feel it crispier than usual. In contrast, less dense silicone composites mean a higher dampening effect. So every manufacturer would like to test various combos of densities with each dampener with the hope that they can find the perfect mix. I hope it helps!

3. I’m a fresh tennis player, so should I use a vibration dampener?

It depends on your personal preference. For a starter, it won’t make a big difference. You can try with this accessory and without. Just find the smaller ones nearly everywhere. Or ask someone on the court whether he or she has a spare since most tennis players have a lot of them. 

4. Do the dampeners impact the player’s shot, which means that they could affect how the ball comes off the strings? 

A dampener won’t ever affect the way your ball comes off the strings. It only helps kill the unexpected vibration and the irritating sound of the ball.

5. Does this dampener change the weight of my racquet? 

The manufacturer works hard to produce the ideal density of silicone composite to enhance dampening without adding extra weight. Though a dampener might add a bit of weight to the racquet, it rarely affects the equipment. It’s because the accessory is put at the balance of the racquet. 

Final Words – Found Your Tennis Vibration Dampener?

Now you know the best tennis dampeners to try for your racquet, please do try it once. It will offer you a deeper insight into why professional players want to use it. 

If you love to add a beautiful touch to the racquet or anything you have, then we recommend buying these. Choose the ones made of rubber that is famous for its amazing vibration dampening features. 

When you don’t feel like using it, come up with a traditional way of making a dampener! Use a rubber band to wrap around the bottom string bed.

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Top 5 Best Tennis Dampeners for Your Racquet (2021 Reviews)

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