Top 9 Best Tennis Hats For Sun Protection Professionals Love (Mens, Womens & Unisex) (2021 Reviews)

Best Tennis Hats For Sun Protection

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Best Tennis Hats For Sun Protection

What does a best tennis hat do? When you play tennis, you don’t just need to show off your skills and extreme abilities. It’s also about looking professional and fashionable on the court. Indeed, the best tennis hat can help immensely with this goal. It comes in various diversified sizes and forms. 

Moreover, a hat’s mission is to prevent you from getting caught in severe weather, resulting in getting sun burnt. It also protects your top and eyes from the UV beams. Hence, you can focus more on your match without worrying about any obstacles if you have a good tennis hat. 

With all the benefits of a tennis hat we’ve discussed above, choosing the best one can be a little tricky. There must be some things you need to take into account when you shop for the ideal tennis hat, and the one which can suit your budget. 

So, why don’t you look at our top list of the best tennis hat? We’ve promised to list out all the most suitable hats that can go along with men’s or women’s lifestyle. 

Nike Unisex Legacy 91 Tech Cap...
Nike RF Hybrid Cap (Adult...
NIKE AeroBill Featherlight...
Nike Unisex Legacy 91 Tech Cap...
Nike RF Hybrid Cap (Adult...
NIKE AeroBill Featherlight...
Nike Unisex Legacy 91 Tech Cap...
Nike Unisex Legacy 91 Tech Cap...
Nike RF Hybrid Cap (Adult...
Nike RF Hybrid Cap (Adult...
NIKE AeroBill Featherlight...
NIKE AeroBill Featherlight...

Top 9 Best Tennis Caps Reviews 2021

#1 Best Overall – Nike Legacy91 Tech Hat

Nike Unisex Legacy 91 Tech Cap...
  • Dri-Fit ripstop polyester fabric...
  • One hand quick adjust snagless...
  • Nike swoosh on center front and...

Though this hat is produced by the famous brand Nike, it was sold at a very reasonable price. It can be said that this hat line is one of the most fashionable, multi-purpose, and practical caps. 

The hat accompanies a six-panel structure with an embroidered perforation that makes it look stylish. Compared to ordinary caps, which you have got to use two hands to modify the size behind your head, this Nike hat allows you to use just one hand to modify it to the ideal size. 

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The logo is designed uniquely and fashionably. The big front one and a tiny one are up on the highest point end behind your head. Both of them are stitches aesthetically and not pasted by glue. Also, the breathable and stretchable fabric helps you enjoy a comfy fit all the time spending on the yard. 


  • A branded hat but sold at an affordable price
  • It is a one-handed adjustable cap
  • It is made of stretchable cloth to fit the head size comfortably 


  • It feels a little small for some

#2 Best Luxury Option – Nike Rf Hybrid Cap 

This is a typical luxurious option from the brand Nike you’ve often seen on the market. The price is a little bit on the steep side for most budgets, but the hat quality may make you rethink about getting one for a boiling hot day of playing tennis.

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The primary purpose of this tennis cap is to shield your eyes from high radiation sunlight and keep you fresh all the time being outside. To make this real, the cap is made of 57 percent natural cotton and 43 percent polyester, meaning that this is a breathable cap. Also, it is shrink-resistant and can be used for the washing machine as well.

This tennis cap from Nike is fashionable and voguish too. In front of the cap, the symbolized logo of Nike is 3D printed. In contrast, the Nike Swoosh one has stitched aesthetically from the back, making the cap unmistakable with other brands.


  • It is made of high-quality fabric
  • It accompanies a convenient Velcro closure
  • The Dri-Fit cloth can prevent sweat from dripping into your face


  • Very expensive

#3 Best Design – NIKE Unisex AeroBill Featherlight Cap

NIKE AeroBill Featherlight...
  • NIKE HAT: The Nike swoosh design is...

Similar to the luxurious line like Nike RF Hybrid, this Nike Aerobill tennis cap has an affordable price with the same highlights. The first thing to consider is the design. Unlike the Hybrid cap, this one has a back strap with breathable and convenient trap closure for one-hand use. 

Also, the Dri-Fit technology is applied to the cap, making the fabric sweat-wicking. Thus, it’s ideal for you to spend a long time under the sun without dripping sweat into your eyes. Besides, the laser-punctured panels boost air circulation to the extreme, bringing you a cool fresh air while using it. 

Furthermore, the Aerobill Featherlight cap has an embroidered Nike Swoosh logo on the front and back, making it look stylish and eye-catching.


  • It has an adjustable strap that can fit all head sizes
  • It has a snap-back closure for convenient use
  • It is a lightweight and breathable cap


  • The fabric is claimed to get dirty quickly after regular use

#4 Best for Adjustable Size – Headsweats Go Hat

Headsweats Go Hat, White/Black
  • Classic style, superior run hat fit
  • Eventure knit shell and Eventure...
  • Black undervisor to reduce glare

This tennis hat from the brand Headsweats is designed with an eight-board structure for a fantastic fit and ultimate comfort. Purposely, it provides users with added security from the blistering hotness of the court. Thus you can produce positive energy for the match. 

To make sure the sweat does not fall into your face, the stuck part near your forehead called a calico sweatband will do its job. When you want a snug fit and prefer an adjustable size to match most heads, a snap buckle finish clip is ideal.

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Besides, what we love most is the UPV sun prevention that guarantees you cannot get sun burnt during the hot temperature outside. The color scheme of the Headsweats tennis hat is another impressive feature. Its decisive color is white coordinated with various colorful hems, making it look chic.


  • It has a sweat-resistant calico sweatband to prevent drips into your eyes
  • The fabric is shrink-resistant as well as can be washed by machines
  • The color scheme is vibrant


  • The sweatband is relatively thin

#5 Best for Various Sports Activities – Under Armour Launch ArmourVent Cap Hat

Under Armour Men's Launch...
  • UA Free Fit features a pre-curved...
  • ArmourVent Technology delivers true...
  • Reflective taping & logo for...

This cap from the brand Under Armour is intentionally designed for running and all other sports activities. Thus, using it as a tennis cap is no problem at all, especially in the summertime. Look closely at the cap; you’ll see the open vents which cover all the surface. These vents permit you to enjoy a fun game with the extraordinary breath-ability.

What impresses us most is the reflective detailing to help passers-by see and notice you from a far distance in low light conditions. Made of 100 percent polyester, the cap is proved to be lightweight and stretchy at the same time. 

Also, it can fit all head sizes thanks to the pre-circled visor with a shapeless front panel. The loop and hook closure is convenient for back head adjustment as well. 


  • High-grade hat with an affordable price tag
  • It is durable over time
  • The pre-curved visor is excellent for low shape fit 


  • The colors advertised on the websites may not be true

#6 Best for Material – Sunbelt U.S.A Super Sunlite Visor 

Super Sunlite Visor -5mm...
  • 5mm THICK (+/- 5%)* version...
  • Reversible - Blue and Red visors...
  • Adjustable hook & loop (Velcro...

This is another good option from the brand Sunbelt U.S.A for people who love the neoprene or acrylic materials. It is seen as one of the most basic visor tennis caps with a mid-range price tag, promising to offer good enough performance.

If you often feel head tension after wearing a too-tight cap, then the neoprene material won’t let you down due to the stretch-ability. Also, the fabric is sweat-absorbing, making your match cleaner and fresher. To make you adjust the best fit, the Velcro style is applied to the strap. 

Besides, what we like most is the cap portability. You can fold it neatly and put it into your pocket without worrying about the deformed shape.


  • It is made of breathable and ventilated neoprene material
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The fabric is machine washable and quick-drying


  • The hat form is rather stiff

#7 Best for Lightweight – Adidas Men’s Superlite Cap

adidas Men's Superlite Relaxed...
  • Made from recycled material.
  • Lightweight 6-panel cap with...
  • Mesh provides ultimate air flow and...

Here we have a super light and refreshing tennis cap from a trustworthy brand Adidas. It is not inferior to any other branded stuff. It even has some prominent features that make it unique in the market as well. 

As the Adidas Superlite cap is intended for everyday use, it has a 6-panel structure that can offer moisture-wicking well-being. It is very lightweight and functional too. If you use it for sports activities, the UPF 50+ fabric can help reduce the sunbeam impacts on your skin. 

Also, you would have a more unobstructed visibility thanks to the non-shine front visor. The hat is also adjustable thanks to the loop and hooks back closure, a fresh, breathable mesh for the highest ventilation. 


  • Breathable and Ventilated Climacool Mesh
  • The fabric is UPF 50 and helps prevent sunburn
  • It has a loop and hook adjustable closure


  • The original shape of the cap is lost easily after hard use

#8 Best for Ventilation – Panegy Unisex Mesh Brim Tennis Cap 

Panegy Mesh Outdoor Sporting...
  • Classic design and various color...
  • Thin, soft and light material, soft...
  • One size fits most with adjustable...

This is a delicate polyester mesh cap, which is mesh designed all over the surface. For people who are dealing with dandruff or fungus problems, this cap would be a perfect alternative. 

Thanks to the breathable and quick-drying fabric and more 360-degree ventilated holes, your scalp will be hampered from getting itchy, making the summer hotness fly away. Besides, there is a sweatband lining inside the hat that can hinder sweat from dripping into your face and eyes. 

The strap is also modifiable due to the hook and eye closure, and you can use one size that fits all heads. And to help you not get sunburns from the boiling hot weather, the UFV sun protection fabric can do its great job as well!


  • It has a classic design with numerous color choices for both men and women
  • The fabric is sweat-absorbent and breathable


  • Customers complained that the gray color is similar to black

#9 Best for Budget – Eforstore Unisex Summer Outdoor Visor Sports Cap

Eforstore Unisex Adult Summer...
  • 100% Pure Cotten fabric
  • Head circumference: 58-60cm...
  • 1 Size fits most, adjustable Velcro...

If you want a breathable and lightweight cap, then the Eforstore visor tennis cap is appropriate for you. You have a modest budget but want to possess a quality item? There it is. 

This cap is made of entirely acrylic and only fits with adults’ head sizes. The lightweight cap is just about 1.6 ounces, making you feel like you’re wearing nothing on the head! 

Besides, as it is designed for the summer and outdoor use, the cap accompanies a modifiable coil strap and Velcro closure. The hat color panel is mainly the radiant ones that come in glowing and bright hues such as pink, orange, and red. Thus, it’s suitable for men and women. 


  • It is made of entirely cotton and very lightweight
  • It comes in various bright colors, suitable for people with fair skin


  • The cap might leave a slight gap if you have a smaller head 

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best Tennis Hat For Sun Protection

How would you choose the most suitable tennis hat for yourself while there is a range of different kinds on the market? Obviously, there are some factors you need to consider when buying one that serves your purposes well and not one that wastes your money.

Let’s refer to our buyer’s guide; we believe there must be significant requirements you are looking for. 


It is crucial to choose the most appropriate hat whose material matches well with the time or the weather you want to put it on your head. Currently, some common hat materials are suitable for summer temperatures. 

We can count on those such as polyester, acrylic, cotton, or artificial fiber. They are breathable and ventilated materials that can help absorb sweat and cool the heat outside efficiently. 

In contrast, if you play tennis in the wintertime, select a thick hat like cotton, or hat that is multi-layer to keep you warm. There are also felt hats, but they will not be ideal in the frosty and snowy weather. Generally, if you want to spend your time practicing tennis in the winter, let’s refer to the water-resistant materials but still keep you warm.  

Your Face Shape

If you are a girl or a guy who has a round face, the simple way to increase the length of the face is to choose for yourself a high-top hat, and the cap or visor band should not be too broad. You should avoid wearing one with a uniform or low tip because it will make your face look bigger and more rounded.

If you have an oval face, you are lucky that you have the right to choose the types of hat you like. The oval face is suitable for most hats and almost all materials such as caps, wide-brimmed hats, snapbacks, ballcaps, visor caps, so on. 

Therefore, you can easily change many different styles of hats when playing tennis, and choosing what goes well with your outfit is essential, too!

The noticeable feature of those who have a square face is the length of the jaw; the cheek is equal to the forehead. That’s why the square face has a little bit of hardware, but don’t worry because there are hats that would suit you best. We can refer to the visor cap, the ball-rounded cap, or a basic one is just enough! 


If you have a strong personality and adore the striking colors, you can choose hot colors such as red, orange, lotus pink.

If you are a pure guy or girl who likes soft colors, you should choose blue, light yellow. The ones which are turquoise, white, light cream are also suitable for you.

You like the quietness, contemplation, but equally subtle and fashionable; let’s try black, white, or gray. It will make you look distinctive. As a nature lover, like freshness, colors like green, banana green will suit you.

The Crown

Don’t take the crown for granted as it plays a vital role in your appearance. Let’s choose carefully; try to wear it several times before you purchase it. The crown should be adequate on your head and make you feel comfortable with the adjustable strap. 

Besides, the crown (or known as the visor) has to function as the direct sunlight protector. In case you are playing outside, under the intense hotness, the crown helps to prevent sweat running down to your eyes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are tennis caps sun protective?

The primary mission of a tennis hat is to offer you sun protection. If not, it cannot be a sports hat. When you play inside, there’s no need to wear a cap. In contrast, a tennis hat is a must for you while playing outside, especially in the summer. 

It would help shield your eyes and face from getting direct sunlight, making you concentrate on the game without feeling dazzled. Therefore, your performance is enhanced, as well. 

Q. Do males and females have to wear different hats?

Actually, you don’t. Generally, most of the brands will offer unisex hats that are suitable for both sexes. There is a simple realization that female’s caps are colored more distinctively than the men’s ones. 

However, this is not a strict rule for buying a specified hat for each sex. Most of the tennis caps are designed adjustable for both men and women sizes. 

Q. Are sweatbands essential for me?

In case you play tennis outside and in the hot summer, or you are the one who sweats a lot, be certain to buy a hat which accompanies a sweatband. This is an item attached in front of the cap to absorb the water and sweat. It also makes you comfortable while playing by grasping and hampering drops onto your eyes. 

Found Your Best Tennis Hat?

To purchase the best tennis cap, you should take into account which types you need. Above all, you have to realize which material matches your style best. As referenced above, perhaps it would be considered that there is a diverse cap accessible for summertime and wintertime. Let’s buy the correct one. 

Our top 9 products have been recorded, which makes it simpler to pick which cap would you like to buy. Some typical inquiries from purchasers are consistently unanswered; we made a point to reply to them thoroughly. Hence, you won’t make some hard memories making sense of it. 

It’s fundamental to have the correct hat for the use. It will assist you with being pleased with the match you are joining. Furthermore, you will confront no additional issues.

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Top 9 Best Tennis Hats For Sun Protection Professionals Love (Mens, Womens & Unisex) (2021 Reviews)

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