What Does GS Mean to Shoes? [In-Depth Overview]

What Does GS Mean to Shoes

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What Does GS Mean to Shoes

What does GS mean to shoes? Are you confused about the meaning of GS in shoes? This guide will detail everything related to GS shoe sizing so you can determine if a pair of shoes will fit your feet.

GS simply means “Grade School in Shoes”. This is the expected size range for elementary school children’s feet. The GS is a shoe size modification specifically designed for children’s shoes, which you can see in the Nike shoe (Jordan collection).

Size and Quality of GS Shoes Compared to Adult Shoes

GS sizes on kids’ shoes or sneakers range from US 3.5Y to 7Y. There is no size difference between US7 and US7Y as men’s shoes usually start in size US7.

But if you look at the quality and price of the two sizes i.e. 7Y and 7, there is a big difference. Because the shoe material in the children’s shoes is not strong, the support is poor, and the cushioning is poor. Men’s shoes, on the other hand, have higher cushioning, premium materials, and durability. I explain this in detail in the guide, “Can adults wear children’s running shoes?”

So if you ask: is the GS size suitable for adults too? If men’s foot size is less than US7 and women’s foot size is less than US8.5, I would say adults can wear gs size shoes too. For men, US7 equals US7Y, but for women, US8.5 equals US7Y. So if a woman wants to buy a GS size, she needs to subtract 1.5 from her shoe size to get the correct shoe size GS

Please note that the quality of gs and normal shoe sizes will vary. This is because children’s feet are in the growing stage, which is why shoe brands don’t invest in extra materials when making children’s or larger children’s shoes. So as an adult, you can wear GS size shoes for a leisurely walk. However, don’t try to walk into it, as you’ll end up hurting your feet and damaging your shoes.

Can Adults Wear GS Size Shoes?

If you have standard width or small feet, you can buy GS size shoes. However, if you have a swollen foot or a wide forefoot like B. If it’s a 2E or 4E width, then the toe of the GS shoe isn’t roomy enough for your foot. You shouldn’t risk wearing GS shoes in this state just to save a few bucks.

Please also note that GS sizing does not take into account arch length, instep height, forefoot width, and heel width. These characteristics of the feet are not important as they grow up. Therefore, you should first try two different gs shoe sizes that fit your feet. If you have a high instep and a wide forefoot, you may want to go a half size up.

GS vs PS Shoe Size

GS shoe sizes are for older kids 11 to 13 years old, while PS shoe sizes are for kids 3 to 11 years old. PS stands for “Preschool”. Also, the GS shoe size is slightly wider than the PS shoe size. Also, some adults can wear GS shoe sizes, while PS shoe sizes can only be worn by toddlers or toddlers.

What Does GS Mean to Shoes? [In-Depth Overview]
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