Top 9 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids: Nike, Adidas, Wetike or Under Armour (2021 Reviews)

best basketball shoes for kids

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best basketball shoes for kids

Basketball is a passionate sport for somebody, so it seems an activity in which they put their soul and heart. As you may know, the basketball game has many intense running, jumping, and active movements. So, if your kids like this game, you should equip them with a perfect pair of shoes. 

To get smooth movement, your kids should have the right type of basketball shoes. This article will provide you with useful information about Top 9 best basketball shoes for kids. Do not hesitate anymore, let’s get started now!

Best Basketball Shoes for Kids in 2021

#1 Best Overall: Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D Basketball Shoes

Nike Boys' Team Hustle D 8...
  • Leather upper provides durable...
  • Midfoot hook-and-loop strap locks...
  • Lightweight foam midsole offers...

Nike is a long-standing and very reputable brand in the market. So, the products are very reliable. With the Nike Kids Team Hustle D Basketball Shoe, they have provided the greatest support for children in this sport.

The Nike Kids Team Hustle D Basketball Shoe is suitable for children ages 4 to 12 (Little Kid to Big Kid) and is an impressive start for them. You cannot believe that they both bring light comfort like tennis shoes while ensuring stability in the game.

It is undeniable that the Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D Basketball Shoe is a reliable companion for your child to develop his or her basketball abilities. Comfort is the most outstanding feature of this model. Your child will run and jump on these shoes.


  • Velcro strap provides stability
  • Cool ventilation system
  • Lightweight


  • Maybe a little tight

Surely the durability and comfort these shoes create for your child can satisfy you. Let Nike Kids Team Hustle D Basketball Shoe accompany your child in every match today!

#2 Best for Wide Feet: Adidas Original Kid’s Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoes

adidas Unisex-Kid's Pro Spark...
  • Wide fit; Lace closure
  • Textile upper with synthetic toe...
  • Non-marking rubber outsole for grip

Adidas is a well-known brand specializing in manufacturing top-quality sports equipment, especially competitive sports. Their shoes are appreciated on the market today, the Adidas Originals Kid’s Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoes is a powerful push for junior players.

Suitable for children from 4 to 8 years old, Adidas Originals Kid’s Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoes has 5 distinct colors to choose from. These are all basic but eye-catching colors that promise to explode with your child in every match.

Designed with the characteristics of a sock, Adidas Dame 3 Men’s Basketball Shoes allow you to move as naturally as if you were barefoot. Also, it has a sprint frame structure and 4 flex zones.

Comfort and balance are always a top priority when choosing shoes. To meet this demand, manufacturers have used top quality fabric. Thanks to this great durability, the Adidas Originals Kid’s Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoes offers a timeless look.


  • Bring back natural movement
  • Soft
  • Ankle support


  • The inner sole is easily degraded if not handled properly

Overall, these are outstanding basketball shoes with excellent quality. Create complete joy in every match today with the Adidas Originals Kid’s Pro Spark 2018 K Basketball Shoes.

#3 Best Support: Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Basketball Shoes

Under Armour Kids' Pre School...
  • Mesh & textile upper combination...
  • Molded heel construction with...
  • TPU film toe cap for added...

To create shoes that can support the junior players, Under Armour upgraded their products and launched Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Basketball Shoes. These shoes have several great useful features that ensure comfort and ventilation for active children.

The first advantage of Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Basketball Shoes is the ability to breathe. The combination of high support design and a breathable mesh ensures a very interesting feeling.

The perfect fit is another advantage of these children’s basketball shoes. With the laces and heels pulled back, children will easily wear it on. Besides, there is additional support of the collar and tongue.

The rubber outsole enhances the product’s durability and ensures traction. Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Basketball Shoes are available in two basic white and black colors for your child, suitable for ages 3 to 8.


  • Perfect support
  • Excellent traction
  • Provides ventilation


  • Size may not fit some players

Under Armour Kids’ Pre School Basketball Shoes are great quality basketball shoes for kids. The cool design ensures perfect coolness. If you want to learn more about this product, click on its name above.

#4 Best Durable: WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes

WETIKE Fashion Basketball...
  • 【Material】Basketball shoes for...
  • 【Sole】Boys high tops sneakers...
  • 【Advantage】Perfect choice for...

If you are looking for durable children’s shoes, then WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes is the right choice for you. With so many amazing features, this is an impressive pair of shoes. It not only supports movement but is also very light and flexible.

Thanks to the leather covering, the shoes are more stable. Additionally, the combination of solid rubber sole and herringbone traction pattern provides a good grip on the court.

Too bad if you are playing and feeling uncomfortable inside the shoe. The focus will be scattered and affect your movement. But do not worry, WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes antibacterial lining can easily handle this.

To minimize the appearance of odorous bacteria, the manufacturer has equipped with an antibacterial lining. In particular, anti-odor technology will reduce the growth of bacteria. Your child’s shoes will not become too stinky.


  • Shoe sole provides comfort.
  • Natural movement thanks to the inner lining
  • Special technology to prevent odor-causing bacteria


  • Easy to confuse size

With many colors, you can easily choose your favorite basketball shoes for your child. Moreover, affordable prices make WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes the first choice for many people. 

#5 Best Balanced: Nike Jordan Kids Air Jordan Legacy 312 Basketball Shoes

Nike Jordan Kids Air Jordan...
  • Bold brand graphics
  • Nike swoosh, block logo and Jumpman...
  • Midfoot strap delivers extra...

As mentioned above, Nike is a leading and reputable brand in the production of sports products, so quality is not an issue. The Nike Jordan Kids Air Jordan Legacy 312 Basketball Shoes is one of their outstanding children’s products.

This is worthy of being one of the leading basketball shoes on the market. It provides the perfect fit and complete support with ankle-length lanyards. Thanks to the special thickness that shoelaces always remain in the most tightly during the game.

To provide reliability, Nike designed Velcro straps around the toes. Besides the classic design, fans love these shoes because of the correlation with Michael Jordan. Moral strength and tensile strength are other advantages that cannot be ignored.


  • Good traction
  • Brings balanced movement
  • They do not leave slippery marks


  • Size may be small for some children

Outstanding quality with perfect material has made the Nike Jordan Kids Air Jordan Legacy 312 Basketball Shoes famous. These basketball shoes are worth buying. Discover the amazing quality of this product by adding it to the cart.

#6 Best for Traction: Adidas D.O.N. Issue

adidas Men's D.O.N. Issue #1...
  • Lightweight basketball shoes...
  • Regular fit; Lace closure;...
  • Textile upper with...

Adidas D.O.N. Issue is the right choice for every junior basketball player. These shoes not only give you good traction but also brilliant design. Critics appreciate the ability of this model to clamp and herringbone.

Thanks to the excellent implementation of Bounce cushioning, Adidas D.O.N. Issue gives you great stability and soft cushions. Your child can freely perform flexible dance steps. With this design, Adidas D.O.N. Issue minimizes injury risk.

Like other Adidas shoes, the D.O.N. Issue brings performance with an excellent locking mechanism and perfect support. Although the design is bulky, it always ensures fit and moves well.


  • Bring comfort
  • Excellent locking mechanism
  • Facilitates flexible movements


  • Bulky design

With reasonable prices, the quality of Adidas D.O.N. Issue is unsurpassed. Children can easily wear or take it off, and it also provides flexibility. Get it now before it’s out of stock!

#7 Best Fit: Nike Boys KD Trey Basketball Shoes

The Nike Boys KD Trey Basketball Shoes is undoubtedly the perfect partner for every child in the basketball game. The striking design with the sole is the outstanding feature of this shoe.

The design of the Nike Boys KD Trey Basketball Shoes is special because it has the shape of a running shoe, but the sole and support are of a basketball shoe.

With a Velcro strap, your child’s foot will always be in a safe position. Nike created Boys KD Trey Basketball Shoes based on the model of famous player – Kevin Durant. This will attract kids to watch professional matches.

Also, this model is suitable for boys or girls with wide feet. They are guaranteed to provide adequate support for your child’s legs and ankles.


  • Velcro strap for safekeeping
  • Special design
  • Brings a perfect fit


  • Little support in the structure

With a longstanding reputation of excellence, Nike always creates prime quality products that can meet the needs of everyone. Let Nike Boys KD Trey Basketball Shoes support your kids on the championship path today!

#8 Best for Absorbing Impact: Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive 3

Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive 3 is an indispensable product in this review. This is one of the best protective basketball shoes on the market.

With a shockproof cushion, Under Armour UA ClutchFit Drive 3 gives you an outstanding balance. This design helps you to play safely and land more comfortably. The outstanding breathability and durability are also amazing features that make these shoes the favorite of parents and children.

The combination of UA’s Wild ClutchFit technology and EVA middle sole contributes to these benefits. Thanks to the herringbone pattern on the outsole, these shoes make for better linear motion.


  • Provide good traction
  • Anti-collision padding
  • Good air permeability


  • Size may not fit

With the astonishing advantages mentioned above, Under Armour UA ClutchFit can make your child feel great regardless of its position in the game. Get it now or regret later because they are easily out of stock.

#9 Best Stylish: Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D8 Basketball Shoes

Nike Boys' Team Hustle D 8...
  • Leather upper provides durable...
  • Midfoot hook-and-loop strap locks...
  • Lightweight foam midsole offers...

The Nike Kids’ Team Hustle D8 is suitable for children aged from 8 to 12 years old. So, it is just only for big kids. With the supportive ankle feature, it can provide your kids with full support. 

In terms of material, the manufacturers make it from synthetic material and leather. This can give a great amount of comfort, style, and sturdiness. For some growing children, the arch will be good as it gives them more support. Besides, the outsole made from rubber can give greater traction and fluidly control. 

Finally, this line of shoes will strike the balance between the utility and the style. 


  • Well-protected and comfortable
  • Easy-to-use hook-and-loop fastener
  • Provide adequate grip


  • The hook-and-loop may be loose during time

With the great style of the Nike Hustle D8, your child will feel effortlessly cool when wearing this shoe. Your child will like this classic Nike school basketball shoes. 

The Needs of Basketball Shoes For Your Kids

Typically, basketball players should use specialized shoes for the game. Therefore, an ideal pair of basketball shoes should include some following features. 

Appropriate ankle support

Players often land on their feet when throwing the ball into the basket with immense force. 

Without appropriate protection, you may get injured easily. As basketball shoes consist of padding covering the ankle, you will be provided the best insulation. Moreover, it also can prevent you from any injuries. 

Well-cushioned sole

The manufacturers designed and padded the shoes’ sole to absorb the influence of the landing flat. To be more specific, when players jump, there will be some force impacting on your feet. 

The Foot Has Enough Grip

The manufacturers designed the shoes to provide the players with a good grip. The grip is useful when players move so fast on a smooth basketball court. The laces will wrap snugly to keep your foot out of moving around while wearing the shoes. 

It also prevents this problem from happening when children run or dodge other players. Therefore, it seems that basketball shoes help kids play the game more conveniently and comfortably. However, the shoe types you choose will depend on the preferences and requirements of your child. 

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Basketball Shoes For Kids

Collar Height

A shoe’s collar is the rim surrounding its opening. The height of the rim measured from the shoe’s mouth to above the ankle will determine the collar height. There are three types of collar height including low top, mid-top, and a high top. 

Each position will need a particular type of collar height. For instance, if your kid is in the forward position and is responsible for dunking, a high-top is best suitable. 

Hook-And-Loop or Lace

Some basketball shoes for kids will come with a hook-and-loop fastener or laces. The hook-and-loop fasteners are easier and more convenient for the kids. As kids may find laces cumbersome sometimes. 

However, laces can be snugly fit. And they are best suitable for kids playing professional basketball. 


Several manufacturers make their basketball shoes entirely from leather. But some of the rest just make the top with some amount of leather. As you may know, leather is durable and stretchable. These features make leather one of the best materials for shoes. 

Teaching Children Basketball Skills

For children aged 8 years old, the time for playing basketball needs to focus on outcomes. Specifically, they can shoot the ball through the hoop or not in a fun way. At an early age, the kids are easily under the pressure of learning basketball skills. 

If that situation occurs, they will be frustrated, disenchanted, or disillusioned. So, the best way is to let them focus on playing with their friends. They can discover their passing, dribbling, or shooting skills with gentle guidance from parents. 

For older children, from 9 to 10 years old, the kids can have coaches or parents introduce techniques and instructions. In this case, organized programs will be better. 

In this official course, children can learn basic skills such as passing, dribbling, or shooting. These skills are crucial in setting up the foundation for advanced concepts in offense and defense. And the fun surely still will be kept for kids to engage them in the game. 

Normally, coaches can adopt suitable measures for children. So, improper techniques will be avoided at the beginning. There will be a balance between learning the skills and enjoying the game. It will contribute to the future success of the kids on the court. 

Some coaches also improve young players through the model of the performance pyramid with emphasis.

  • Performance implies the effectiveness and the efficiency of the movements, especially with the proper power, explosiveness, and precision. 
  • Movements are the foundation of great basketball, implying the ability to move. They include some skills such as skipping, jumping, running backward, and forwards. Shuffling laterally is also included. 
  • Skill pertains to advanced applications of performance and movement combined. For example, jumping with power is followed by a jump shot or a layup. 

The aim here is to create well-rounded players who play smart, play hard, and play well on the court. Athleticism, attitude, and skill have to be combined. Therefore, the youth athlete will become superstars in his generation. 


How about the big kid’s size of shoes?

The big kid size is the following level of toddler sizes. The appropriate age for this size is from 4 to 11 years old. However, it is just an estimation. It also depends on your kid’s feet. 

My kids are sneaker destroyers so how is the quality of these shoes?

All these shoes above are extremely durable. To prove it, there is some good feedback from customers. They all said that their sons wear shoes to school every day. But the shoes still have been in good shape until now. 

The measurement of my son from his toe to heel is about 8 inches, what size will fit?

The proper size is for little kids aged between 4 and 8 years old. However, you should choose the larger size. Some products are rated at 90% of fitting appropriately. So, if your son is wearing size 3, you should go with size 3.5 or 4.

My son is wearing a size 8.5 for normal shoes and he is 4 years old. What size will be suitable?

The size of 9 may be suited. The shoes will be pretty big but more comfortable. The laces or hook-and-loop fasteners can help the fitting of the shoes. So, it surely is useful for a long time. 

Can the kids use them to play basketball games indoor?

Yes sure. Everything will be still fine when the kids use shoes for indoor basketball. Customers said that their kids can use shoes for every place and situation. 

Bottom Line

The feet of children are relatively more sensitive than those of adults. So, they need specialized shoes to play basketball. These best basketball shoes for kids can protect and keep their feet comfortable. 

You should remember the fit, usage, collar height, and age before purchasing the shoes for your children. Hopefully, after reading this article, you can buy the right shoes going along with your kids. 

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Top 9 Best Basketball Shoes for Kids: Nike, Adidas, Wetike or Under Armour (2021 Reviews)

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