Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards: Nike, Adidas or Under Armour (2021 Reviews)

Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

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Best Basketball Shoes For Guards

If you are a basketball guard and you really want to win your opponents through pull-up jump shots and dribbling, you definitely need a good pair of shoes. The perfect ones should have strong traction to grip the floor, and at the same time, let you change the directions fast. 

There are many other factors that you need to check before buying basketball shoes for guards. I will mention more in the buying guide at the end of the article. To make it easy for you to pick, I have listed the top 7 best basketball shoes that every guard should have to win their game. 

I will include each product’s pros and cons for your reference. Now, let’s get started!

Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes for Guards 2021 Reviews

#1 Adidas Harden Vol. 3 Basketball Shoe

adidas Harden Vol. 3 Shoes...
  • Elastic lace closure
  • Responsive Boost midsole
  • Regular fit

Up to now, the Adidas Harden Vol.3 has become the best signature product of James Harden. These shoes are super comfortable. It has a great combination of court feel and cushion. 

This pair appears to be very well-built. They look steady with a flat base. The boost cushion is quite close to the ground and responsive. These shoes feature a full-length boost. It is the best part of this item. You can play in a long period without getting sores or aches. 

In terms of material, they are made of thick and strong fabric. They fit you very well too. There is no dead space. The shoelaces are very simple but do a great job to lock the wearer’s feet to the shoe. The bonus point is the Internal Heel Counter. This offers great support to your heel. 

The traction pattern is herringbone which makes it so grippy. Where you change directions or move forward, you don’t find them slippery at all. 


  • Very comfortable 
  • Well-built and steady 
  • Full-length boost and quite close to the ground, responsive 
  • Thick and strong fabric 
  • Well fitted
  • Internal heel counter brings great support 


  • Break-in required 

#2 Jordan Air XXXIV Basketball Shoe

Jordan Air Xxxiv Mens...
  • Style#: AR3240-100
  • Eclipse plate made from molded TPU...
  • Visible Zoom Air cushioning under...

The Jordan Air XXXIV is another herringbone pattern shoe that works perfectly in all conditions. It provides strong and multi-directional traction that supports you to be ready at any time. 

They used molded TPU to make the eclipse plate to provide stability and great support when you move from side to side. The material is not extremely premium, yet they are super lightweight, breathable, and flexible. 

The cushion is not as deluxe as the previous model, however, it is more well-balanced and brings you more fun. They designed a visible zoom air cushion under the heel and forefoot to provide a responsive feel. It really makes a difference. You feel recharged with every step. For sure you will love this synthetic leather heel. 

The shoes are very light, yet still stable thanks to the wide base. In general, the Jordan Air XXXIV performs very well. It has been the best version since Jordan Air 29. Don’t miss the chance to own this amazing shoe!


  • Works well in all conditions
  • Strong and multi-directional traction
  • Molded TPU to provide stability and support when you move 
  • Well-balanced
  • Synthetic leather heel 
  • Light but stable 


  • A bit pricey 

#3 Under Armour Curry 6 Basketball Shoe 

Under Armour Men's Curry 6...
  • Full Knit Upper - Enhances...
  • Locked-Down Lacing - Locks the foot...
  • Sock-Like Construction - Reduce the...

The Under Armour Curry 6 is the best choice for guards who require firm traction. They used the split outsole design for traction to increase the contact with the court. The traction looks like a combination of waffle-like and circular patterns. It is quite solid. 

The Curry 6 has a full-length UA HOVR cushioning, so the guards don’t need to worry at all. The shoes can help control your on-court movement by offering a low-to-the-ground ride, combined with a responsive foot. 

The shoes feature a fully knitted upper to make it light, breathable on-foot, and fit your foot in a very natural way. Actually, the knit isn’t that stretchy, so you will feel even more secure.

They designed an external heel counter at the back of the shoes to support and stabilize through locking down your heel. The stability is one of the strongest points of Curry 6.


  • Firm traction 
  • Full-length UA HOVR cushioning offers a low-to-the-ground ride
  • Fully knitted upper to make it light, breathable and secured 
  • External heel counter to lock down your feet 
  • Don’t need a break-in time
  • Super stable 


  • The lace pressure should be improved 

#4 Nike Lebron XVI Basketball Shoe

Nike Lebron XVI 16 Glow Mens...
  • External heel counter
  • Padded collar
  • Internal Achilles support

In Lebron’s signature line, Nike XVI has been one of the best basketball shoes so far. Their traction can work well on all surfaces. They basically used straight lines. The patterns are very deep. This brings a great grip. 

These shoes offer great protection. When you need to do a responsive movement or jump, you will feel how smooth and fast they are. Because the cushion is versatile. But you still find it very comfortable and stable. 

The Battleknit of the Lebron 16 is supported by a nylon sleeve. This is non-stretch support, yet flexes normally when you move forward and holds really tight when you move from side to side. 

The part to make this pair different is its support. The midsole is very stable and wide. It stays right in the middle and doesn’t come to the shoe’s sides. The internal padding and external heel counter lock your foot in place.


  • Great protection 
  • Comfortable and stable 
  • Non-stretch support yet flexes normally 
  • Good support through the solid and wide midsole 
  • Suitable for all positions of players 


  • If you are under 250 pounds, you might find these shoes heavy

#5 Adidas Dame 5 Basketball Shoe

adidas Men's Dame 5
  • Regular fit; Lace closure
  • Suede upper with a textile tongue
  • Bounce cushioning provides enhanced...

The Adidas Dame 5 is meant to build for guards. The traction works incredibly great on clean courts. The traction pattern is herringbone. It is thick and the space is wide. Guards can move to any direction they want without any difficulty. 

You will be attracted right away by their look. They look very modern. The upper part consists of a grid pattern that is locked by a lacing system. Underneath is a black strip to add an appealing look. 

The Bounce cushion makes the Dame 5 to be responsive and comfortable. It has a good combination of impact protection and responsiveness which is perfect for guards. 

The wide base and internal padding create great support to the wearers. These shoes are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor. Hard rubber compounds and deep grooves predict the durability of these shoes.  


  • Perfect for guards 
  • Thick herringbone pattern, wide space 
  • Modern look 
  • Very responsive and comfortable thanks to the Bounce cushion 
  • Wide base and internal padding to make great support 
  • Works for both indoor and outdoor 
  • Durable 


  • Quite slippery on dusty courts

#6 Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball Shoe

Nike Zoom KD 12 Basketball...
  • Style#: AR4229-600
  • A sockliner insert sits over the...
  • A Flyknit constructed tongue covers...

The Nike Zoom KD12 won’t let you down. It catches my attention for the nice design and good performance. 

First of all, the cushioning is applied to the Zoom Air setup. It not only absorbs the shock but also bounces back nicely. This full-length zoom air is placed under your foot. If you wear them for a short time, you are not able to feel the difference. But by the time when you move more, the air ventilates from your heel to toe. 

The traction is very good right when the rubber is broken in. These shoes feature a translucent outsole that works very well. Apart from this, the fit and materials have done a great job too. They designed perforated padding around the 3/4-high collar to hug your ankles tightly. 


  • Nice design 
  • Zoom air setup to ventilate the air absorbs the shock and bounce back well
  • Good traction
  • Translucent outsole works nicely 
  • Fit 
  • Perforated padding around the 3/4-high collar hugs your ankles tightly. 


  • Needs some break-in time before using

#7 Under Armour Curry 2 Basketball Shoe 

Under Armour 1259007-036 Men...
  • Vendor Name: UNDER ARMOUR
  • Style No: 1259007-036
  • Material : Synthetic/Textile

Under Armour is one of the most hunted pairs in this signature collection. It is very compatible with point guards. Stephen Curry wore these shoes when he started his career in the NBA. 

The technology of this product that I am really impressed by is the Speedform. From the midfoot forward,  the shoe looks like cloth, and from the midfoot backward, it looks like smooth plastic. This makes the shoes very suitable for being on-court. 

The padding and TPU heel counter can keep your feet in place. The lacing system is a big help to this too. 

The cushion of these shoes brings you different feelings depending on your ranges of motion. If you walk, they seem to be soft. But once you run, they will become firmer and more responsive. 


  • The Speedform to make the shoes very compatible for being on-court 
  • Padding and TPU heel counter can keep your feet in place 
  • Nice cushion
  • Firm and responsive when you run 
  • Fit 


  • Not for outdoor 

How to Choose The Best Basketball Shoes for Guards (Point Guards & Shooting Guards)

I will share with you how to get the most suitable basketball shoes for guards in the following guide. Several factors you should consider are as follows:

1. Traction 

Guards need a very fast reaction and move a lot. And traction is one of the key factors that you should notice when buying shoes for them. If a shoe has good traction, it allows the guards to:

  • Grip strongly and stop faster 
  • Accelerate the speed more quickly 
  • Better their speed in general 

Choosing a pair of shoes with appropriate traction is a great support to prove yourself in a game. 

2. Cushion 

When you jump, you create a lot of forces on your ankles and feet. A right cushion is the one that can absorb the shock. It doesn’t need to be soft, but it has to be responsive. Responsive material contributes a lot to your performance. It allows you to maintain your speed. The cushion will also absorb the impact to protect your feet and ankles from pain or aches. 

3. Comfort  

The comfort comes in different ways, be it support or cushion. It can be responsive and fit too. You should choose the shoes that make you feel comfortable when you walk around, jump, or run. 

4. Support 

Every basketball player wants their ankles to be well supported. Different players have different needs in terms of support too. Those who own strong ankles just need low-top shoes because they provide less protection and support to your ankles. But those who have weaker ankles are highly recommended to go for a mid-top shoe. It brings more protection and support that you need. 


1. How can I make my shoes grip more?

There are some ways to make your shoes grip more. Here are the 3 best common ways:

  1. Use Traction Spray.
  2. Add A Salt And Rubber Glue Mixture.
  3. Spray Soles With Hairspray.

2. How can I tell if Lebron 16 is fake?

You should check the style number. Normally it has 9 digits to match the one on the box. The latest Lebron features the logo on their lace tip. You can also check to see if the air “bubble” is high-quality and clear. 

3. How long do basketball shoes last?

Actually, you should change the Basketball shoes fairly frequently. They should be replaced every 350-500 miles or so—which is around 70 total hours of running.

4. How much room should you have in basketball shoes?

Between the big toe and the end of your shoes should be left some room (0.25 to 0.5 inch). Regarding width, your foot should fit comfortably without having too loose or tight feelings. It is fine if the heel moves a bit, but ensure it is not sliding to avoid injuries. 


Guard can be a key position that determines whether your team will lose or win. Whether you are playing for fun or in professional games, you should buy good shoes that meet your needs. I believe it is not difficult to do so after reading this article. 

A good pair of shoes contribute a lot to protect you from injuries as well as the win of your team. I hope you can sort it out to get the best fit within your budget. 

Until next time!

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Top 7 Best Basketball Shoes For Guards: Nike, Adidas or Under Armour (2021 Reviews)

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