Top 5 Best Basketball Socks To Prevent Blisters (2021 Reviews)

Best Basketball Socks

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Best Basketball Socks

Socks seem to be both a piece of jewelry and a training tool for basketball players. Only when your feet are comfortable, you can play basketball. Socks play a very important role in basketball matches. That’s why people designed socks for basketball players.

This article will mention the famous basketball socks. These are the socks with the best support for basketball players. Many people like them. But many people don’t know which basketball socks are right for them. Here is a detailed review of the five best basketball socks. We will point out the excellent points, and the bad points of the five basketball socks.

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Nike Elite Crew Basketball...
Men's Nike Hyper Elite Power...
Elite Performance Crew Socks...
Nike Elite Crew Basketball...
Men's Nike Hyper Elite Power...
Elite Performance Crew Socks...
Nike Elite Crew Basketball...
Nike Elite Crew Basketball...
Men's Nike Hyper Elite Power...
Men's Nike Hyper Elite Power...
Elite Performance Crew Socks...
Elite Performance Crew Socks...

Top 5 Best Basketball Socks 2021 Reviews

Shoes and socks are two very important things in sports. People spend a lot of money to equip themselves with shoes and socks that fit their sport. When you choose a pair of suitable socks, you will be more comfortable when playing a game of basketball.

#1 Best Overall: Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks

Nike Elite Crew Basketball...
  • Extra cushioning at key pressure...
  • A dynamic arch band contours around...
  • Ribbed traction at the forefoot...

In case you’re looking for a standard pair of basketball socks. the Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks is a good choice. These are the socks that any basketball player can wear. Its design focuses on foot movement. Besides the flexibility of the hands, the movement of the legs is also important in basketball.

These socks from Nike focus on smooth cushioning around the ankles. The powerful activity points on the legs will have thicker cushions. These socks may be thicker than normal socks. 

Around the foot, there is an arch fabric design that helps the foot move. Also, Dri-FIT technology helps control foot sweat. Combined with comfortable cotton.


  • Suitable for both men and women.
  • Designed for basketball players.
  • Comfortable material.
  • Colorful.


  • Many customers consider the cushion to make people uncomfortable.

#2 Premium Option: Nike Men’s Hyper Elite Basketball Powerup Crew Socks

Men's Nike Hyper Elite Power...
  • Strategic multi-density cushioning...
  • Dri-FIT fabric wicks moisture to...
  • Midfoot compression fit keeps socks...

Nike Men’s Hyper Elite Basketball Power-up Crew socks are available in ominous gray, red, etc. It carries the characteristics of today’s basketball socks. Dri-Fit technology also applies to the production of these socks. The design of the socks will vary from one leg to the other. On the feet, the layer is thicker. In the calf, the padding is thinner.

The toe design helps keep the toe tight and does not move when used. The socks are made of 52% nylon, 34% polyester, 9% cotton, and 5% spandex. The combination of these materials makes these socks a choice for many people.


  • Beautiful design.
  • The unique combination of fabric.
  • Suitable for people who have had foot injuries.


  • High Price

#3 Best for Competition: Elite Performance Crew Socks

Elite Performance Crew Socks...
  • Designed to enhance performance....
  • Perfect for Running Socks, Softball...
  • Arch and Ankle Support, Cushioned...

These socks are 75% cotton. Unique design with a combination of any three colors. These socks can suit both basketball and soccer people. Because it has functions suitable for people who have to run a lot. Especially in contests. Fast running is necessary. The designer of this Shoe was for that purpose.

On the ankle, the socks have a protective dome fabric. Under the padded feet combined with breathable mesh. Also, special materials to help socks can withstand many types of weather. This sock also has antibacterial and odor control.


  • Many good functions.
  • Suitable material and breathable.
  • Can use to treat feet.


  • Washing a lot can ruin the fabric and its inherent beauty.

#4 Best for Intermediate: Basketball Sock by ChalkTalk Sports

Athletic Half Cushioned Crew...

The tones are red and black. The two colors symbolize athletic power. Socks long to mid-calf. These socks use an unknown technology called Wicking Moisture. It goes with ventilation to help you use it the best way. It is superior to cotton. People using these socks will feel comfortable.

When using these socks, you won’t need to change every hour. Because it has a ventilation function. It will make sure your feet don’t sweat.


  • Colorful.
  • Advanced technology.
  • Suitable for all ages.


  • The size of the socks was small for a true man…

#5 Best for Short Socks: Adidas Traxion Menace Basketball/Football High Quarter Socks

adidas Unisex Traxion Menace...
  • Ultra-cushioned foot and ankle...
  • Traxion areas of the foot and...
  • Climalite moisture wicking yarns...

The Adidas Football High Quarter Socks is another choice. It includes cotton, acrylic, Polyester, Spandex, there is 4% natural rubber. These socks can wash in a washing machine. The manufacturer guarantees that the socks will not fade when washing. This is a kind of short socks.

Socks help protect through the ankle, this is the right need. Material that helps increase grip on your heels and feet. Climalite absorbent fibers especially make your feet cool and dry. This function can work even on hot summer days.


  • Improved technology.
  • Various colors.
  • Good price.


  • The length of the socks does not protect the calves.

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Basketball Socks

1. Material of socks

This is an important feature of socks that you should consider when buying. As you know, basketball matches usually take place in the indoor court. 

So, the material of socks should be easy to absorb. Choose cool cotton socks to help absorb sweat on your feet.

2. Thickness of socks

Based on basketball conditions, the sport moves. Thus, the thickness of the basketball socks should be thicker than regular socks. This assists you when running on the field. 

The thickness of the socks makes you feel comfortable. It helps you feel the surface of the field a little lighter. Thus, when making long-throw balls it will be easier.

3. The construction of socks

This is important. Usually, many sports socks have their own designs to fit the sport. Here, all socks and basketball shoes have a design facing the arches of the foot. For normal people’s feet, the arch will be a little concave. 

So, the socks often have thick padding in the arch area of ​​the foot. This makes you comfortable when running on the field for a long time. When choosing basketball socks, consider this structure.

Top 4 Best Basketball Sock Brands

1. NBA 

For basketball, we can’t help but mention the NBA brand. Most people know it as a professional basketball tournament. But the NBA is also a famous brand dedicated to basketball. Any basketball player will own a product from the NBA. It could be a basketball uniform. It could be basketball. It could also be basketball socks.

As mentioned, the strength of the NBA is basketball. Thus, the products of this brand are always appreciated for basketball matches. Today, the brand has a lot of other sports products such as glasses, hats, etc. 


Nike is one of the classic brands in the world of sportswear. This is a big brand and has a long history. Today, no one is unaware of the Nike brand. Starting with the production of running shoes, Nike now has all the products needed for the sport.

The Nike brand always focuses on two main points: product diversification with quality. With its efforts, the popularity of the Nike brand is something that happens. For basketball-related products, you can choose this brand.


The brand, called the Basketball King, is a branch of the major Nike brand. In favor of the King of Basketball Jordan, Nike partnered with him and launched his own brand. This brand specializes in producing the best quality of basketball products. 

The Jordan shoes have their own logo. All I can say is that when the first shoes named Jordan were born, it marked the glorious splendor of NBA history. And the basketball shoe manufacturing industry too. 

It became the symbol of basketball players. Junior men take this symbol to realize their passion. Besides basketball shoes, the Jordan brand also produces all products related to the ball. We can’t help but think of basketball socks. We cover that later in this article. 


It differs completely from the brands I mentioned above. Stance is a basketball socks brand. The brand has many socks, but basketball socks are their core product. It is a leading brand of socks, including basketball socks and other socks.

The brand with the hottest socks is the Stance NBA. Do you like basketball? Then you must own a pair of NBA Stance socks. They are Inspired by NBA basketball matches. These socks completely sold out in seconds. To better understand these socks, I will refer to you later.

Why Should You Wear Basketball Socks?

Usually, people are less interested in socks. They usually choose a pair of socks. But professional athletes are different. Choosing a suitable pair of socks is very important. It relates this to the comfort of playing sports.

Every sport will have a specific sock for them. Because each type of sport has its own way of playing. Socks play an important role to match the movement when operating. 

For basketball, all is more important. This is a sport that requires vigorous activity. So choose basketball socks. Besides, basketball socks are also aesthetic. 


1. Should basketball socks be washed in a washing machine?

You can use the washing machine to wash basketball socks. The material of basketball socks today is often very thick. It does not break easily only when using the washing machine. So, for lazy guys, you can use the washing machine!

2. Does ship with only one pair of socks?

A: With the motto of providing the best customer experience, committed to delivering many products. Even a pair of socks. However, buy a combo of three or more socks to get the best deal. Also, socks are easy to lose. You should use the same socks. 

Final Words

Each type of sport has its own unique type of socks. Even if you do not play sports, you should still have a good pair of socks. Using the right kind of socks can help you control the health of your feet. 

For example, if your foot has a bone problem, look for socks that help fix your foot. If you sweat a lot, choose socks that help control sweat. Although socks are a small accessory, they can be very effective! 

This article has made a review of five basketball socks you should buy this year. Hopefully, this article is helpful to you. I hope you can choose the socks that suit you. Stay tuned, we will come back with a lot of articles!

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Top 5 Best Basketball Socks To Prevent Blisters (2021 Reviews)

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