Top 5 Best Basketball Mouthguards For Men, Women & Youth Players (2021 Reviews)

Best Basketball Mouthguard

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Don’t skip this article if you love basketball. Here, we have the best basketball mouthguard for you to have a safe match. Let’s check it out!

Best Basketball Mouthguard

The basketball uniform is only complete with a mouthguard. Basketball players can easily collide in the air. If you don’t want to lose your front teeth in this collision, you must wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth, gums, and jaw.

And it is essential to find the most suitable mouthguard, which fits perfectly with your jaw. Therefore, this article will show you the best basketball mouthguard with the latest reviews and some buying guides. Read it, and you will come to understand all the stuff you need to know in order to make a good purchase.

Top 5 Best Basketball Mouthguard 2021 Reviews (Incl. For Braces)

#1 Best Overall: Coolrunner Mouth Guard Sports

Coolrunner Mouth Guard Sports,...
  • SAFETY & HEALTH: Coolrunner...
  • MAXIMUM PROTECTION: Our athletic...
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL: As a...

The first product in our picks of the best basketball mouthguard is Coolrunner Mouth Guard. And it is also the best product in price and helpful features. This item is a moldable product so that it will fit perfectly with your mouth.

Firstly, it is made of 100% medical-grade EVA material, BPA, PVC, and Latex-free. It also has no color, which means that there are no additives. So, this one is the best on the market. Secondly, It is re-moldable with different teeth sizes, and you can also trim and adjust it for optimal comfort. So it is best in size and shape.

And lastly, it is very convenient. You can use this product when playing a sport, and you can also use it for teeth whitening tray or dental night guard. And the thing is, it comes with a very reasonable price so you can use and replace it regularly.


  • Reasonable price
  • Re-moldable to fit with different teeth sizes
  • Multi-purpose
  • 100% safe materials


  • Does not have a case

Bottom line, the Coolrunner Mouth Guard Sports is the best in general. It is suitable for both professional players or those who have just started with basketball.

#2 Best for Braces: Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard

Shock Doctor Double Braces...
  • FOR BRACES: Specifically developed...
  • FITTING: Instant Fit - Pop In &...
  • PROTECTION: Athlete tested in the...

The best basketball mouthguard for braces is the Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard. This product is the only silicon mouthguard on our list. And it means that you will feel very comfortable when wearing it. Its material is 100% medical-grade.

Also, the Shock Doctor company designed this product to use with orthodontics. And this item has an ergonomic design. It means it can sit on top of the brackets and protect your upper and lower teeth. And that is why we said this one is best for braces.

Last, this product is a ready- molded mouthguard. So the bright side is it is very convenient. But the dark side is it may not fit your teeth or jaw.


  • Safe material
  • Special design for braces
  • Silicon material for comfortable use


  • It is a ready-molded mouthguard.

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard  is the best basketball mouthguard for braces. It comes with safe materials, unique design, and so many helpful features.

#3 Best for Kids:  SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm

SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm...
  • Medium sports mouthguard offers...
  • At only 1.6mm thick, the ultralight...
  • The slim, custom fit makes it easy...

If you are looking for the best mouthguard for kids, we highly recommend SISU mouthguard. This product comes with three sizes of large, small, and medium. Also, it comes with 16 colors that children will love.

Since it is for children, it is fit for people between 5 to 6 feet tall. Moreover, it has an ultralight design, which is only 1.6mm thick and very slim. With this feature, the SISU mouthguard allows you to talk, breathe, and drink with no difficulty.

And this product also has a broader bite pad with rounded edges so you will feel comfortable. At the same time, it still ensures a perfect fit when using.


  • Fits average mouth
  • Providing maximum convenience and comfort
  • Easy to talk, breath and drink
  • Perfect fit
  • Easy to mold and remold


  • unattractive colors

With various colors and unique designs, SISU deserves to become the best basketball mouthguard for kids. It will bring to your baby the maximum comfort and convenience for a better game.

#4 Most Convenient:  Shock Doctor Basketball Mouthguard Trash Talker

Shock Doctor Trash Talker...
  • LOW PROFILE DESIGN – Perfect...
  • PROTECTION – Strong outer layer...
  • TRASH TALK – We didn’t choose...

If you ask what the most convenient basketball mouth guard is, it is Shock Doctor. And it is the best thanks to the following reasons.

Firstly, it has a slim-fit design which can protect and make you comfortable at the same time. With this design, you can talk, breathe, drink, and even shout with no difficulty.

Also, It is effortless to remold this mouthguard. You only need to soak it under warm water for remodeling. Also, it fits perfectly with athletes of all ages.


  • Specially designed for basketball
  • Slim fit design
  • Easy to use and remold


  • pricey

This version of Shock Doctor mouthguard Trash Talker is an excellent product that can bring you comfort, convenience, and safety while playing basketball.  

#5 Best in Budget: Xmifer Mouth Guards Sports 4 Pieces

Xmifer Mouth Guards Sports 4...
  • BEST PROTECTION: Professional...
  • OPTIMAL COMFORT: mouth guards are...
  • HIGH QUALITY: IN 2 SIZES, Easily...

If you don’t want to pay much money on a mouthguard, you can take a look at the Xmifer Mouth Guard. This product comes with a very reasonable price while still can ensure the requirements of a mouth—guard to protect your teeth in the game.

This product is moldable for long-term use. And Xmifer also has two options for adults and kids, so you will always find the best product for you. And it comes with a case so you can easily store and keep it clean when not in use.


  • Low price
  • Good at protecting teeth
  • Good at fitting
  • Easy to store and clean
  • Durable and well-made


  • Unclear material origin

Xmifer Mouth Guards Sports is the best basketball mouthguard for the price and fitting features. You can wear it when playing sports like basketball, boxing, football, MMA and more.

Features to Consider When Buying the Best Basketball Mouthguard

You need to check all the following features before buying to know if the mouthguard is the best basketball mouthguard or not.

1. Safety First

The mouthguard is the one that you will put inside your mouth. Therefore, it has to be safe first. And it means that it has to be made from safe materials with safe designs so that it can’t lead to other health problems. The best choice for you is the one that is approved by the FDA, or at least it has to pass some reliable tests.

Also, you should check the mouthguard materials carefully to make sure that it is not dangerous rubbers. And it could be best if your mouthguard comes with a box or clean container so you can store it when you don’t use it.

2. Size

The next important factor that you should pay attention to is the size of the mouthguard. Recently, the mouthguard often comes with two options: moldable size and fixed size. So it is not difficult for you to find the right size for you.

The size of the mouthguard is often based on your volume of the jaw. And your format of the jaw is based on measurement or your age. So please check carefully and choose the right size.

3. Suitable Type

There are two major types of mouthguards on the market. One is moldable at home, and the other one is a pre-molded mouthguard. Both of these two types are comfortable and have good quality. However, we recommend the moldable one because you can adjust it to fit better in your mouth.

You know, your jaw is unique, and the pre-molded mouthguard is always unfitted and uncomfortable somehow. And the unfitted mouthguard can gradually lead to serious dental problems that you only realize when it is terrible.

4. Convenient

The best basketball mouthguard must be convenient. For more information, it must allow you to breathe with no hindrance, drink with no problem, and speak without bursting out of your mouth. It has to fit inside your mouth but does not interfere with your communication, eating, and drinking.

Also, you should prefer choosing the one that is easy to wear and take-off. And it could be best if your mouthguard is easy-to-clean and store. The best product always needs to come with a case for easy storing.

5. Shock Absorbent

The primary purpose of the mouthguard is to protect your jaw and teeth from injures in the collision. Therefore, it must have excellent shock absorbent ability. Usually, professional players often choose the dual-layer mouthguard or thick-layer mouthguard for better protection.

These two types are safer but bulky, and sometimes make you feel uncomfortable and challenging to communicate. Oppositely, the single-layer mouthguard is more comfortable but less effective in protecting your teeth from injury.

> Why Should You Wear a Mouth-guard When Playing Basketball?

Many people think that a mouthguard is only for sport like boxing. But in our experience, it is necessary for any high-intensity sports, including basketball, football, or hockey. And the study shows that mouthguards can help to reduce 60% of dental injury during the game.

In the basketball competition, especially in the professional league, players often jump up to pass through competitors and lead the ball to the basket. Therefore, accidents often happen and could lead to some serious injuries for your jaw and teeth. (because they are vulnerable).

And this stage is where the mouthguard works! It will absorb the forces of the impact and redistribute it before the effects of the collision reach the teeth. As a result, you will not lose your teeth, and your soft tissue will not be cut.


1. Do All NBA players wear mouthguards?

Yes, they do. Mouth-guard is a must-have item in a professional basketball player’s uniform.

2. Should I wear a mouthguard in basketball? 

Yes, you should, especially if you are professional players or are going to join a competitive play. It will help you to protect your mouth. However, you don’t need to wear a mouthguard when practicing because it is not necessary, and it is uncomfortable.

3. Can you remold your mouthguard? 

You can find some particular types of mouthguards on the market, which allow you to boil and remold based on your mouth size and shape. However, this type of mouthguard will lose shape after a certain period. It is also mouthguards that you can mold one time only, which is more durable than the previous one.

4. What is better: ready-molded mouthguard or moldable mouthguard? 

A moldable mouthguard is better with no doubt because you can adjust it to fix with your jaw and teeth. The ready-molded is not adjustable and can make you feel uncomfortable because it can’t fit with your mouth shape.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best basketball mouthguard is the one that fits perfectly with your mouth while still thin enough for you to communicate with no difficulty. So, you don’t need to choose the most famous brands or buy the most expensive product: the best choice is always the most suitable one.

And we hope that the information in this article is enough for you to understand the right choice for you. And with the best basketball mouthguard, we hope that you will have a safe and active play. Good luck!  

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Top 5 Best Basketball Mouthguards For Men, Women & Youth Players (2021 Reviews)

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