Top 7 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour or Reebok (2021 Reviews)

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Playing any sports professionally asks for thorough preparation, meaning an appropriate outfit. Especially with outdoor basketball, you need to pay attention not only to comfortable shorts and tops but more importantly, shoes. 

Yes! You need the best outdoor basketball shoes for training and matches!

You may not have faith in the advertisements although your favorite player promoted the products. You’re trapped in low-budget options. Many reasons can sway you away from the best buys.

But I’m here and will bring on the table the best items in a wide range of prices as well as brands. You’ll find ones suiting you soon. 

Top 7 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021 Reviews

There are no certainties about victory just because you’re putting on the best footwear. However, you will stay away from unprecedented injuries, unwanted irritations, and so on.

So, what do I have here?

#1 Nike Lebron Soldier XII SFG 

Among reputational brands of shoes, Nike is a giant, not only for its diversity but also quality. The Lebron Soldier XII SFG is an example regarding its basketball producing section.

Knowing the intense demand of players to keep feet stable but comfortable, Nike offered not conventional laces but dynamic straps. The band straps zigzag embracing the whole upper feet, keeping almost the whole foot stable and pleased. I’ll give 10 points for Nike’s being considerate given the high closure which is better for ankles.

The Velcro appears to be user-friendly, unlike stiff buckles. However, I also warn that people need to spend time getting used to it. 

As ideal shoes for outdoor basketball, Nike made Lebron Soldier XII with its exclusive Zoom-Air sole that gives extra cushion.

What, do you expect more?


  • Good looking
  • Tight fit 
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper 
  • High closure


  • Hard to wear
  • Stiff straps at first

#2 Under Armour Curry 2.5 

While other brands invade in different market segments, Under Armour really focuses on sportswear, proving by their outstanding quality and impressive design for action. Among their achievements, this Curry 2.5 is remarkable.

The Curry 2.5 reaches the peak of quality and comfort that any player loves.

Synthetic lets your feet breathe but comfort is not just that. UA innovated the holed tongue that effectively cools off the steaming air developed inside the shoes during the game.

The sole is divided into front and rear parts and both are extra padded. Hence, players can make more flexible moves within a stronger shock absorption system.

The only thing you should be aware of if this is your first Under Armour pair is the size. UA always runs small and a bit narrow. But, that’s how the maker manages greatly fit footwear. You choose the right size, you’ve got your feet perfectly fit and reinforced.


  • High quality 
  • Great fit
  • Amazing design
  • Durable and sturdy for running 
  • Breathable upper
  • Protective for ankle 


  • Small fit
  • Narrow tongue
  • Pricey

#3 Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 3 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Under Armour UA ClutchFit...
  • The UA ClutchFit Drive 3 shoe is...
  • Innovative bear-trap lacing system...

If you think you know all the tricks by Under Armour, you would be shocked to find out about this ClutchFit Drive Basketball shoes.

Besides signature embracement, these shoes also provide extra supportive upper by extra padded tongue and overall. Significantly, the inside texture is as stretchy and breathable as a second skin. Hence, the feeling combines both comfort and flexibility.

The idea of this design is to keep your feet always empowered. External sole pushes while internal shanks, that’s how you act strongly with stability.

Supposing that the feet inside will be tightly embraced, the maker had reinforced the tongue with bear straps so that construction stays put.

By these shoes, you’ve got everything ready for the game as long as you put on the right size.  


  • Breathable upper
  • Strong laces 
  • More protective closure
  • Affordable 
  • Bear straps
  • Lightweight 


  • Bulky look 

#4 Reebok Men’s Q96 Cross-examine Basketball Shoes

Speaking of Reebok, people usually assume them to be bulky and heavy. However, this Q96 Cross-examine pair features nothing like that. They are lightweight, embracing, and a great fit. 

Still, the shoes bear the most favorite feature by Reebok- amazing cushion.

The cushion here is amazing for speed. The heels lift a little to slightly forward bodyweight upfront, then motivate speed. The rising heels also guarantee shock absorption. Plus, jumping and landing will hurt your feet less with the same heels.

The form is to leave no space inside so the maker has produced them using synthetic that is known as a cooling system for sports shoes. 

By significant features benefiting basketball movements, this Reebok Q96 Cross-examine is a fantastic price point for anyone to consider.


  • Best bang for the buck
  • Easy break-in
  • Sturdy sole
  • Sporty look
  • Lightweight 


  • Stiff at first 
  • Lack of cushion in the tongue

#5 Nike Men’s Air Versatile III Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Air Versitile Iii...
  • Visible Air-Sole unit in the heel...
  • Midfoot saddle helps stabilize your...
  • Circular traction pattern lets you...

If your position asks for more tactical moves, you should put an eye on more specialized footwear, for example, Nike Versatile III.

The shoes contain all features enabling you to jump, redirect, suddenly stop or speed up. With the air soles, these shoes are sure to keep your feet landed with the least shock. The rubber sole is so thick that it couldn’t wear out in years, even including continuous sliding.

Significantly, the saddle mid-foot is critical to keep your movement so, halt possible injuries caused by short turning or stops.

Overall, for such a fantastic sole construction, the shoes appear quite lightweight. The design is also minimal for those who are not into sports chick look.  


  • Breathable synthetic 
  • Lightweight 
  • Supportive 
  • Affordable 
  • Minimalist 


  • Numb toe
  • Narrow design

#6 Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4

Under Armour Men's Lockdown 4...
  • Perforated leather delivers...
  • Injection molded EVA midsole...
  • Rubber outsole with multi level...

Speaking of shoes with tactic soles, Under Armour also introduced the Men’s Lockdown 4 edition with plenty of impressive features. 

Soles by Under Armour are no doubt about the quality. They, for sure, will accompany you to games after games.

More importantly, regarding how they feel, I am quite amazed. The shoes offer great fit along with a high breath-ability upper. The soles appear to be supportive of every movement. Especially, when you do sudden braking or redirecting, traction created helps.

What makes me love these shoes, even more, are the innovative water-proof toes. It’s kind of a side feature people do not expect but Under Armour thinks for its consumers. For you to play outdoor, water-proof toe will such a life-saver from unwelcome shower weather or damp grass.  It is not a big deal but really thoughtful. 


  • Supportive and fit upper
  • Lightweight sole
  • Breathable synthetic 
  • Water-proof toe


  • Run small 
  • Squeezing toe 

#7 Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce Madness 2019

adidas Men's Pro Bounce...
  • Regular fit; Lace closure
  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • TPU lateral banking barrier for...

When you need a comfortable pair of basketball shoes, consider the Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce Madness 2019.

The design just got published last year so it promises to consist of innovative features.

Firstly, the look is momentary. It is a simple but catchy outlook that can bring you a vibe of professionalism. However, given Adidas is reputational in the fashion market, image is its strength.

Just looking at the form, you feel comfortable right away. The sole is almost flat so the whole foot gets rested. However, cushion stays there still, enough to keep the feet movement out of strong concussion.

Top of all, I enjoy the cool mesh upper of the shoes. The cooling system works not just on the tongue but also on all of the surfaces, saving your feet from irritating odor and sweat.

However, the mesh is also the material known for becoming loose. The shoes will run large so I hope you’ll make wise choices of size.


  • Affordable 
  • Total mesh for upper
  • Outsole by rubber
  • Flexible fit
  • Breakable mid-sole for more flexibility 


  • Run large 

Features of the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The collection above contains quite a few designs, yet some haven’t been able to pick out the best. 

To make sure you get nothing mundane, I would like to share the ultimate tips of choosing the best outdoor basketball shoes as below. What to pay attention and what should come first?

1. Sole patterns

Tread patterns are the first thing to consider no matter what sports you’re supposed to play. The point here is to make sure you’ve got enough traction as well as balance to perform your best.

Given the condition of outdoor courts, I suggest going for large treads because of debris on the way that could get stuck under the sole or disturb your moves by trapping in treads. Large treads also take a longer time to wear out, meaning the shoes will be more durable.

Speaking of sole design, you can also expect something more depending on your positions. For example, if you are supposed to jump more than run, the extra padded front foot will help a lot. Or, if your strength is speed, maximize it by a heeled sole. The outsole will support braking, also.

Another tip is that based on your previous pair, you know exactly which part of the sole got worn out the fastest, then you better go for the ones with that part reinforced.

2. Cushion 

Imagine that you play on the field with any kind of possible debris, the surface is not perfectly flat, in that case, the cushion will be undeniable support.

You need shoes with a better cushion when playing outdoor regardless of on-land sports. The reinforced cushion will keep you away from concussion by rough terrains, big debris, and tough moves.

Besides, the good cushion will save your feet from a sore feeling after running, braking, and sliding constantly. The less shock you receive, the less concussion your bones get and the better you play.

3. Breathability 

Nobody wants to wear shoes when their feet feel like being steamed inside. Therefore, I advise you to keep an eye on only breathable footwear.

On the outdoor courts, you will be exposed to the true weather, no air-cons, sometimes excruciatingly long games. Why bother wearing unbreathable materials?

In the market today, there are many options for the shoe’s cooling system. We have synthetic and mesh as top options. Mesh is cooler but also runs large very soon. Synthetic is still a long-term choice for most brands.


1. Will indoor shoes be used for outdoors?

Technically, sports shoes work on many different surfaces or courts, so indoor basketball shoes are possible to be worn outside.

However, considering differences between indoor and outdoor conditions such as terrain, weather, and traction, special footwear for outdoor activities will be better, as long as you want to stay professional and comfortable.

2. What are different indoor and outdoor basketball shoes?

Considering the fundamental difference between the two is the court, outdoor basketball shoes need sturdier soles that can cope with more traction, balance, and more shock absorptive, regardless of materials. Meanwhile, indoor basketball matches mostly happen on slippery courts so rubber sole with higher traction is preferred.

Usually, outdoor basketball players also suffer uprising heat during the game, hence, breathable materials are significant.

3. What is the price range for basketball shoes?

Because many brands make basketball shoes, and plenty of sports shoes, in general, can be worn for basketball games, the price range is hardly circled.

Here comes the problem, basketball is a game performed both indoor and outdoor so the shoes for each version are not the same. Even when you can scheme which type to go for, there comes the next issues where the number of options may drown you.

However, based on standard features like soles, materials, tactical designs, a good pair of basketball shoes will go from $90 to $200. 


Getting the best outdoor basketball shoes for your good is not a hard job but surely, a time-consuming task.

If this is your first time to shop or you’re confused by the variety, buying guides may help.

Also, I presented a list above as the latest and best items so you can have references. Shoe market changes every season as people come up with new techniques or new designs. Sticking to your old-fashion choice means going back in the game so I suggest not doing that.

I hope you find a good pair from my shortlist. If not, follow the guide and you will figure out the right shoes for your own use.

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Top 7 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes: Nike, Adidas, Under Armour or Reebok (2021 Reviews)

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