Top 7 Best High Top Basketball Shoes: Nike, Adidas or Kobe (2021 Reviews)

Best High Top Basketball Shoes

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Best High Top Basketball Shoes

Do shoes matter in a basketball game? The answer is yes. A good pair of shoes contribute a lot to your win in a match. Or even when you play for fun, they can help you enjoy the game better and prevent your foot from being injured. 

If you’re interested in high top basketball shoes, it seems to be quite problematic to find the best ones. However, there are still a few good high top shoes on the market recently. For players who are still keen on them, don’t miss this article. In this post, I will review the 7 best high top basketball shoes in 2021, mentioning their pros, cons, and buying guide at the end. 

Top 7 Best High Top Basketball Shoes (Lightweight & Affordable) 2021

After viewing different products on several channels, I have sorted out the 7 best high top basketball shoes that everyone should own at least once.  Are you ready for the list?

#1 Nike Kobe IX Elite

The Nike Kobe IX owns the best traction among the best shoes that I have ever had. The traction is super good due to the pattern itself. The combination with the thin rubber brings you a very natural feel when you wear these shoes. 

The materials to make this shoe are flyknit, fuse, and some carbon fiber panels. This is the first time that Nike has used flyknit for a basketball shoe. This mixture ensures the support and security of this shoe. The high ankle collar works well at supporting the wearer too. 

This product features a full-length Lunarlon cushion. You will be quite pleased with their responsiveness. The flat outsole makes the shoe very comfortable and stable. It gives you security whenever you walk, run, or jump. These shoes are rated as everyone’s favorite shoes.


  • Best traction ever 
  • Natural feelings 
  • Good materials that make you feel secure and supported 
  • Responsive thanks to the full-length cushion
  • The flat outsole gives you comfort and secure 


  • Super pricey

#2 Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Crazy...
  • boost is our most responsive...
  • Xeno upper
  • Updated lacing system for reduced...

The Adidas Crazy Explosive is well-known for its amazing materials. They are made of 100% lightweight synthetic. Combined with the textile upper, these shoes provide you incredible comfort. They are very durable too. 

The shoes have an excellent grip thanks to the rubber outsole. You can play on any surface without worrying about the traction of the shoes. The TPU reinforces the upper part without restricting you from moving towards the directions you want. 

You will fall in love with the full-length boost cushion which offers an ability to absorb the shock and great bounce for the wearer. This Adidas shoe provides your feet with adequate support. The base is amazing. You always find it stable and solid. 

Overall, this product is a good fit for a basketball player. What is better than a feeling like you are wearing nothing on your feet? These can help you have an “explosive” game. 


  • Best materials (lightweight and durable)
  • Comfortable 
  • Full-length cushion to absorb the shock 
  • Great bounce 
  • Stable and solid base
  • Good support 
  • Excellent grip 


  • Not meant for people who have high arches 

#3 Reebok Royal BB4500 

You will go crazy with the Reebok Royal BB4500 for their appealing look and style. These high top shoes come with 4 different color styles. If you are excited about the retro look, this Reebok Royal is the right offer to you. Whatever colors you choose, Reebok guarantees to bring you a fashionable look as you wish. 

These shoes are made of durable and lightweight material. The leather and mesh upper part create great support and breathability for your feet. The rubber outsole is there to add on the support and responsiveness. 

The bonus point of these shoes is the removable sock liner. Your feet will be happy regardless of how long you wear the shoes. The ample padding on the tongue and the collar bring great comfort to the wearer. The mid-cut design can add the support and stability to your ankles. 

The shoes fit you just right. It is up to you to adjust the lace to decide how much support you want. It can be flexible. 


  • Fashionable through appealing look and styles 
  • Durable and lightweight materials 
  • Supportive and responsive 
  • Removable sock liner helps your feet be happy all-day
  • Stable 
  • Fit well 


  • Should improve the arch support

#4 Nike Air Zoom Hyperposite 2

According to my research, the Nike Air Zoom Hyperposite 2 is the best option for balanced performance. They are highlighted with 360 Max Zoom cushioning which is very responsive, solid, and bouncy. 

The Nike Hyperposite 2 is very consistent and sticky on the wooden courts as well as an outdoor area. The rubber is super tough and thick. The shoes remain the grip whenever you walk your jump on the court. 

The material they used to make this pair is Posite. It was very popular in the past and now returned to the Hyperposite 2 design. This ensures the ultimate protection for your feet. All in all, this pair has a well-built material. 

I am not joking when saying these shoes are perfectly well fitted. It seems to be wider in the forefoot but the inner sleeve does a good job to tighten and cover any space. The collar is high to lock your ankle in place. The lacing setup is there if you need it. 


  • Best for balanced performance 
  • Responsive, solid and bouncy due to 360 Max Zoom Cushioning 
  • Sticky and grippy 
  • The Posite material design to ensure the ultimate protection 
  • Well fitted 
  • Lock your ankles in a position 


  • The midsole is a bit stiff

#5 Under Armour ClutchFit Drive Highlight 

Under Armour Men's UA...
  • Updated UA ClutchFit technology...
  • Extended, super-high ankle collar...
  • 3D molded tongue custom forms...

The Under Armour ClutchFit is famous for its mobility. They meant to build them for big guys. You will be surprised by this product’s quality meanwhile you only pay about 100$. 

The premium ClutchFit technology makes the shoes stand out from the market. They are extremely comfortable, breathable, and stretchy. In addition, the tongue is quite sticky and soft which can really please your feet. The 3D form can enhance the fit. The traction is firm and the pattern looks durable. 

The charged cushion does such a great job! It is balanced, light, tight, and responsive. And don’t forget, this item is built for bigger guys. So for sure, the impact of absorbance should be good. 

Another outstanding point of these shoes is the support. The high collar makes a huge contribution to your ankles protection. The heel counter positions your heel in place to avoid unwanted injuries. 


  • Suitable for bigger guys 
  • Premium ClutchFit technology 
  • Comfortable, breathable, stretchy 
  • The tongue is sticky and soft to please your feet
  • Firm traction 
  • Balanced, light, tight and responsive cushion
  • Position the ankles very well to avoid injuries


  • Not diverse colors

#6 Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23

The Jordan Flyknit brings you 100% comfort. They have a retro look which is very fresh and cool. They use flyknit material to make it breathable to your feet. The feeling they bring to the wearer is very unique. 

The shoes are very light. You can run or jump freely or even wear them for a long time without feeling uncomfortable. The cushion is good enough to absorb the shock and give great protection to your feet. 

The outsole is solid, a part of it is due to the translucent rubber. This product has 4 colors for you to pick. Most of them look very simple yet attractive. 


  • Comfortable 
  • Fresh and cool retro look 
  • Breathable 
  • Light 
  • Good cushion 
  • Solid outsole 


  • The shoes might run larger by time 

#7 Reebok Shaq Attaq Fashion 

The best part of the Reebok Shaq Attaq Fashion that makes you keep your eyes on is the Graphlite shank. This design is the achievement of the collaboration between Shaquille O’Neal and Reebok. I am sure you know who Shaquille O’Neal is.

The shoes are made of 90% leather and 10%nylon. They are very lightweight and stable. You can feel comfortable since the moment you put on these shoes. Plus, this pair looks super fashionable. You can wear them in the game or in daily life with a pair of jeans. Both are good. 

This shoe fits you very well, and they give your ankles a lot of support. If you love the old-time value of these shoes, then go for it. 


  • Lightweight and stable 
  • Comfortable 
  • Fashionable 
  • Well-fitted 
  • Good ankles support 


  • The pump should work better

How To Choose The Best High Top Basketball Shoes 

There are a lot of factors you should notice before purchasing a pair of high top basketball shoes. Some of them are as follows:

1. Your Position

Is it required to have different types of shoes for each position? Definitely yes. They normally break down into 3 main categories, including low-tops, mid-tops, and high tops. 

The high-tops are more for centers or power forwards. These 2 positions have to do a lot of jumping or battling. Their lower legs need plenty of support. And the padding of their shoes should be good enough to absorb the shock. The high-tops offer more support and coverage. 

In general, you should know what position you are playing before purchasing a high-top pair. 

2. Ankles Support 

Every basketball player considers this to be the most important part. The high top shoes provide an extra support layer by having a collar wrapping around your ankles. You should make sure that this is to add the function of the shoes, but not limiting the player’s ranges of motion. 

3. Upper security

There are different closure technique of shoes and laces are the most common now. I didn’t mention in my article, but you might find shoes with straps, zippers, or other ways of closure. However, you should bear in mind that the high tops are often heavier due to added support and coverage.

4. Style

Apart from good functions that a high top pair of shoes should own, some people want to use their shoes to say who they are. Some people fancy retro or old style, but some prefer a modern and fashionable look. I referred to both styles in my post for your choice. 


High top shoes better for basketball?

It is hard to say the high top shoes are better than low tops. I can tell you the differences between these two.  The first thing is the collar ankle. That is why the high top shoes are normally heavier. Another thing is the high tops are mostly made for bigger guys and low tops are for guard-oriented options. 

Should basketball shoes be high tops?

The tradition in basketball is high-top shoes which are meant to have more grip. The purpose of this is the high top shoes can protect players’ ankles from injuries. But actually low tops are safe too. 

Why NBA players wear low tops?

The NBA players wear low tops now to move freely with lower cuts. In reality, approximately half of the NBA wear low top shoes. 

The truth is that high top basketball shoes are less popular nowadays. The quantity produced has decreased significantly so far. Even famous brands such as Adidas, Air Jordan, Nike, etc is not manufacturing that type of shoes as much as before. 


In a nutshell, you will decide if high tops, mid-tops or low tops fit you the best. This article is for those who are looking for appropriate high top shoes for your game. In the end, the purpose of owning good shoes is to protect you and your ankles from unexpected injuries. At the same time, you can have a wonderful game. 

It might take you some time to find the best match. But I believe this post can help save your time. 

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Top 7 Best High Top Basketball Shoes: Nike, Adidas or Kobe (2021 Reviews)

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