Top 9 Best Basketball Hoops In Ground & For Home (2021 Reviews)

Best Basketball Hoops In Ground & For Home

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Best Basketball Hoops In Ground & For Home

Are you struggling to find the best basketball hoop for your home? Stay with me in this article, you might find a solution to this. 

There are several factors you should consider before getting a basketball hoop to meet your needs. Some friends of mine spent the whole week researching, check the information to get the best fit hoop. 

There is a wide range of selection on the market now. In my review, I will divide into 3 main categories, which are in-ground, portable, and wall-mount hoops. I will also mention a buying guide for your reference. 

Let’s get started!

Top 9 Best Basketball Hoops – Portable For Dunking 2021 Reviews

I have checked and compared the detailed information of over 90 basketball hoops, then picked the top 9 best products. Check it out below!

#1 Silverback In-ground Basketball Hoop

(Best in-ground basketball hoop )

Silverback 60" In-Ground...

The Silverback is one of the most popular in-ground basketball hoops and the best basketball hoop at this moment. The price is a bit higher but it is really worth your money. This hoop is suitable for both serious players and for kids. 

The backboard has sturdy construction with the material made from 5/16” thick glass. The backboard pad is a great support to protect the players when they are directing to the hole. There might be some movement when the ball hits the backboard but not too much. 

You can adjust the height from 7.5” to 10” by turning the screw behind the support pole. They have the anchor bolt system to make it easier for you to adjust the height to the level you wish. 


  • Suitable for both professionals and kids 
  • Very sturdy 
  • Thick glass can support  the players to direct the ball 
  • Don’t move too much when the ball hits the backboard 
  • Screw-turning and anchor bolt system to adjust the height easily 
  • Nice look 


  • A bit pricey 

#2 Lifetime Power Lift Basketball Hoop

Lifetime 71281 In Ground Power...
  • 52" Steel Framed Shatterproof...
  • Features Power Lift height...
  • 3 Piece 3.5" round pole features a...

The Lifetime Power Lift basketball hoop is a wonderful product for in-ground. If you are looking for a great hoop at a good price, this is one of them. 

It goes with a 52” steel framed shatterproof backboard which is built with a polycarbonate surface. This is for its strength and durability. It also contributes a lot to the hoop performance. 

This basketball hoop is very easy to install. I highly recommend you to dig the hole as guided (24″ deep and 18″ wide) to ensure it can go against the strong wind. They design a 3-piece support pole featured with a friction-weld joint to avoid the unwanted movement. 


  • Strong and durable 
  • Reasonable price 
  • 3-piece support pole to avoid unwanted movement
  • Weather resistance 
  • Easy to install 


  • Takes time to check the box to get enough parts before assembling 

#3 Goalrilla FT In-ground Basketball Hoop

Goalrilla FT Series, 72"...
  • Your purchase includes One...
  • In-Ground hoop system dimensions:...
  • Clear View tempered glass backboard...

The Goalrilla is a well-known brand for its durability and great value. They use tempered glass for the backboard which is 10 times stronger than ordinary glass. The goal is very sturdy.  The rim and the backboard have a very natural bounce. 

In terms of support pole, this hoop features a one-piece square one sized 5 x 5. You can use a bolt to anchor it to the ground, but the hoop can be moved if necessary. 

It is quite easy to install if you have a group of 2 or 3 adults. If you don’t want to spend too much time on this, you can get a professional.


  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Great value 
  • Rim and backboard bring natural bounce 
  • Can be moved if necessary 
  • Tempered glass for the backboard 


  • Higher price 

#4 Silverback NXT Portable Basketball Hoop

(Best portable basketball hoop)

Silverback NXT 50" Backboard...
  • INCREASED REBOUND - Infinity Edge...
  • EASILY MOVE THE GOAL - ErgoMove...

The Silverback NXT is one of the top-rated portable basketball hoops. It makes you feel like playing at the gym. The base is made of hard plastic with a very solid steel frame. The design like a wheelbarrow style so you can move around easily. 

This hoop has a 54” backboard, but if you want a smaller version, go for a 50” model. They use steel on steel connections between steel chassis and the main pole to make the hoop strong and stable.

With the adjustable height from 7.5” to 10”, any young kid can regulate in a few seconds. 


  • Very solid
  • Feels like playing at the gym 
  • Wheelbarrow style to move around easily 
  • Steel on steel connection 
  • Adjustable height 
  • Kids friendly 


  • Might take some time to install if you are not a professional

#5 Spalding 54 Inch Portable Basketball Hoop

Spalding 54 Inch NBA Glass...
  • Board size: 54 Inch x 32 Inch
  • Tempered glass board
  • Arena Slam breakaway rim

This Spalding is very close to an in-ground basketball hoop. The base capacity is 40 gallons which are quite massive. This is to avoid shaking. You can freely adjust the height by using the screw jack mechanism.

The glass backboard looks wonderful. With the combination of a straight-up pole, this hoop looks really outstanding compared to some other portable ones. It is also super solid.

This is a heavy-duty hoop which is estimated to last in 10 years. If you don’t need a too big tempered glass backboard, a 54 inch one is not a bad option. And here it is!


  • Solid and strong base 
  • Durable (can last about 10 years)
  • Great look 
  • Adjustable height 


  • The backboard should be thicker 

#6 Lifetime Portable Basketball Hoop

(Best basketball hoop for kids)

Lifetime Pro Court Height...
  • Your purchase includes One Lifetime...
  • Portable hoop system dimensions:...
  • Telescoping height adjustment...

Lifetime Portable is one of the best seller products on Amazon. It is a very high-quality hoop. The backboard is well-built from Polyethylene and 44 inches in width. The material is weather-resistant, so your hoop can cope with the wind or rain for years. 

However, the backboard is attached directly to the support pole. If you are a professional player, you might want to consider other hoops. But if you are buying for kids under 15 years old, this is great! The height is adjustable. 

It is very easy to install. It might take you no longer than 2 hours. Right, when your hoop is constructed, you can fill water in the base or use sand to place in position, then you can go.


  • High quality, best seller
  • Weather-resistant 
  • Friendly to kids
  • Adjustable height 
  • Fast to assemble 


  • Not for professional or serious players

#7 Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball Hoop 

(Best outdoor basketball hoop)

Pro Dunk Platinum with Rust...
  • High-performance gym-quality...
  • Massive 8x6 inch one-piece pole for...
  • Limited lifetime warranty covers...

This Pro Dunk Platinum brings a gym-quality performance if you want to practice to enhance your skills. The rebound is really satisfying thanks to the large tempered glass backboard. This gives great support to the hoop’s strength. 

Do you know that platinum is a very tough metal? It comes with the rust armor package. This helps the hoop deal with the tough weather and lasts very long. 

You can change the height easily to make it suitable for players of different ages. The padlock ensures to keep the hoop at any level.  


  • Gym-quality product 
  • Very strong and sturdy 
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable 
  • Can adjust the height easily and keep at any level you wish 


  • A bit too big if you don’t have space 

#8 Golden State Warrior Basketball Hoop

(Best pool basketball hoop)

Poolmaster 72940 Golden State...
  • Features. Plastic hoop with...
  • Includes Classic Pro™ water...
  • Ages 8 and up. One-year...

The Golden State Warrior is the best poolside hoop on the market now. It is a very well made product. The polyform base is very sturdy. They position a blue rebounder at the edge of the pool. The rim and net can be hung over the poolside so that the ball can return to the pool. 

It is very easy to put together. It takes you only about 5 minutes. The backboard is 25.5 inches in height and 34 inches in width. 


  • Well made 
  • Very sturdy base
  • Blue rebounder to keep the ball return 
  • Easy to assemble 


  • Not height adjustable 

#9 Swimline Poolside Basketball Hoop

Swimline Cool Jam Pro Poolside...
  • Commercial quality multi-height...
  • Super-wide molded hard body...
  • Comes with regulation size game...

If you want a basketball hoop to place right next to the pool, the Swimline is a great choice. It owns a great design to be able to balance itself. It is very stable. 

The material used is mostly plastic which is very suitable in a saltwater pool. However, the rim should be sprayed with a protective spray to avoid the rust. The backboard is 44” in width which is wide enough for players to do the shots. 

With the right measurement of the net and the hoop, you don’t need to climb out the water to get the ball every time. The ball comes back to the pool after every throw by itself. 


  • Be able to balance by itself 
  • Very stable 
  • The material used is mostly plastic to avoid the rust
  • Wide backboard 


  • The net is not durable as it should be 

How To Choose The Best Basketball Hoop

1. Purpose

Who are you buying the basketball hoop for? Kids, teenagers, or the whole family want to play together? And you should see whether you need to use the hoop as a tool to practice as a professional or just to have fun. And you want to play on the ground or at the pool? You definitely need different choices for different needs.

2. Space you have 

How much space do you have for a basketball hoop?

  • For < 35m ₂ area, I suggest a 54-inch backboard 
  • For between 35 m ₂  and 60 m₂, I suggest a 60-inch backboard 
  • For >60m ₂, I suggest a 72-inch backboard 

3. Price

It is very important to set the budget for a basketball hoop and stick with it. There are various products at different prices. In my review, I have picked different options for you to choose from. 

4. Assembly

Of course, the in-ground hoop always takes longer to construct. The portable and pool ones are very easy and fast to set up. You can also move around quickly too.


1. Is it better to put sand or water in a basketball hoop?

I would prefer using sand to water to secure your portable hoop. It seems that filling with sand adds more weight and keeps your hoop more stable. 

2. What is Basegel?

Basegel is an updated, super-absorbent polymer that replaces sand or water to support the base and make it stronger. 

3. How deep should a basketball pole be in the ground?

The depth where the ground freezes in your place should be higher than the bottom of the concrete. Normally, the holes should be between 36 and 48 inches in depth.


All in all, I have shared with you my thoughts on the 9 best basketball hoops. A basketball hoop can be used to entertain in your free time or train to enhance your skills. The decision is yours. I hope you find this article helpful and can get the right hoop. It doesn’t matter how much it is. The suitability and your happiness are more important. 

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Top 9 Best Basketball Hoops In Ground & For Home (2021 Reviews)

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