Where is Ole Miss Baseball?

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Baseball is the second-most famous bat and ball sport just after cricket in the world. The concept of baseball is quite similar to playing cricket. But, the rules and regulations of it are not the same as cricket. Today’s generation is quite fond of watching sports instead of playing them and baseball is one of them. In the United States of America, this game is quite famous and players are highly recognized all over the country.  Here we will see Where is Ole Miss Baseball?

Where is Ole Miss Baseball?

Just like players, the club they play for is quite famous and has a lot of fan base. People from all over the country have asked where is Ole miss baseball club located. The answer to that question is they are at Swayze Field. If an individual is a fan of this sporting club then they can watch this club on this field. The players in this club are mostly seen practicing on the ground.

Ole Miss Rebels Baseball or Ole Miss Athletics is the common name for the club used by fans and players in the country. This baseball-playing club has a good history when it comes to baseball. The club has achieved various awards for participating in tournaments and leagues. Today, the valuation of this baseball-playing club is quite high than one could even imagine it to be. 

The famous Swayze Field 

Just like its club, the field has a long and quite impressive history. Another name for this iconic and historical field is Oxford-University Stadium. This stadium or field is quite famous for hosting various baseball tournaments and fans from all over the world come to support their team. This field or stadium is located at the home of the University of Mississippi Rebels College. The ground is used by the baseball club of the college for practice sessions. 

This field is named in the honor of Tom Swayze who was also a former Ole Miss baseball player and later became a coach. 

Qualities of Swayze Field 

The valuation of this stadium or field is expected to be $3.75 million. Interestingly, this value was when the stadium was first opened way back in 1989. The latest valuation of the stadium is quite more and expensive. 

Interestingly, this stadium offers some unique amenities for the fans to catch their attraction. These amenities are quite player-oriented rather than fans. The players get good facilities when they come to play on this ground. Some amenities are coach’s offices, locker rooms, player’s lounge, gym, press area, workout area, short practice arena, and many more. 

Ole Miss Rebels Baseball Team

Ole Miss Rebels are quite famous for their baseball history. This team every year represents the University of Mississippi in the NCAA and that too in the first division. The baseball team is quite active as compared to other sports played at this university. The university, on the other hand, puts its efforts and time into baseball more than any game because the team represents in top tournaments in the country. 

The current team at this university is coached by none other than Mike Bianco. The coach and all the teammates practise at Swayze field every day. The baseball team ever since it was established has participated in College World Series over six times, and they won for the first time in 2022. This first winning national championship game of the club has made their recognition spread rapidly all over the world. 

Ole Miss Baseball on NCAA

NCAA is the biggest baseball tournament that is held for baseball players all over the country. This club is participating in this tournament for quite a long time now. We could say that they are in the tournament ever since it started. Way back in 1956 Ole Miss Baseball club became the regional champions. The team defeated Tennessee Tech by 4-3, then again by 3-2, lost to Duke 2-4, defeated Duke 6-2, and defeated Duke 7-1. 

Recently in 2022 the team played in NCAA and did quite well. The players in the team participated and played well. They again became the regional champion of the game. 

Teams Defeated by Ole Miss 

The team defeated Arizona 7-4, defeated Miami 2-1, and defeated Arizona again 22-6. Interestingly, the previous year the team had become regional champion by defeating Southeast Missouri State, Florida State, and Southern Miss twice. 

Currently, we could say that the club is the best team from per NCAA point of view. They have defeated some important teams to become regional champions. We hope that they will continue to do the same in their future tournaments as well. 


Baseball is quite an interesting and amazing game. Fans are the one that makes this game exciting and interesting. People love watching their favorite team on their home field. Every team participating in big baseball tournaments has its home ground for practise sessions. The people can easily go and watch them play or practice in their home ground.  

Where is Ole Miss Baseball?
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