Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak? [Let’s Investigate]

Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak?

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Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak?

Guys, have you noticed the squeaking of your shoes when you walk? I know mine happened for a number of reasons, and today we’re going to discuss some of them. Hope this will help clear up any confusion about the cause of the squeak.

Why do golf shoes squeak? The most common cause of squeaking in golf shoes is that the insole is not properly seated, causing the insole to move inward and rub against the heel. To check if the squeak is coming from the insole, remove the insole and try on the shoe. When the squeaking stops, sprinkle some talcum powder inside the shoe and insert it into the insole. This method will work like a charm.

Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak?

There are several areas on golf shoes that can produce irritating squeaks. It is difficult to analyze the exact area on the golf shoe that creates the squeak.

Friction insole

If you’re using regular golf shoes instead of BOA golf shoes, I recommend looking at the insoles first. Often, golf shoe brands have removable insoles, so if your arches don’t fit, you can replace them with custom insoles.

When you put on your new golf shoes, there is moisture between the insoles and the gold shoes, which can create friction. When you walk on the golf course with your golf shoes, due to friction, the insole moves and rubs against the heel of the golf shoe. This creates an irritating squeak. So if you feel a squeak under your foot, it’s the insole.

BOA fitting system

Another reason golf shoes squeak is due to the BOA system. If you own a pair of BOA golf shoes and feel a creaking sound on the top of the shoe, it’s likely that the cord is rubbing against the tongue of the golf shoe.

The ropes of the BOA foot system are made of stainless steel and are not stretchable. If you tighten the strings with the take-up plate, the strings will develop a lot of tension and become stiffer. In this state, if the rope rubs against the plastic ring of the golf shoe, a squeaking sound will occur. So this is the main disadvantage of the BOA Tension Matrix, especially if you prefer a comfortable fit.

Friction tongue

The tongue and upper of some golf shoes, such as the B. Footjoy Pro SL, are made of synthetic leather. The problem with synthetic leather is that it’s a tougher plastic that makes a cracking sound when new. Since the tongue area of ​​the golf shoe is not padded, it is also relatively stiff.

When you wear golf shoes for the first time, your tongue rubs against the inside of the upper of the golf shoes. This friction creates a creaking sound.

If you’re wearing BOA golf shoes, there’s a good chance that the stainless steel strings will put enough tension on the entire lace to squeak.

Walking through wet grass

Sometimes it’s not golf shoes that squeak. If you’re walking on a dry concrete surface, you probably won’t feel the sound, but if you’re walking on a dewy golf course, water can seep into the soles or get caught in the leather. This can also be the cause of the squeak in golf shoes.

How Does the Eliminate the Squeak from Golf Shoes?

Here’s what you can do to get rid of squeaks in your golf shoes.

If the squeak comes from the insole, remove it, dust with talc, or apply petroleum jelly. This should stop the squeaking. If it still persists, then the problem may be with that factory insole. I suggest you remove it and put it in your custom stand. Sometimes factory insoles don’t fit your arch. So replacing them with another comfortable insole can solve the creaking problem.

If the squeak is from the tongue of your golf shoe, apply WD-40 to it. Hope it solves the problem. However, the effects of WD-40 do not last much longer. After a while, you may feel the sound from the tongue again. You can also try applying beeswax to your tongue. I also recommend lubricating the stainless steel cords of your BOA golf shoes with beeswax or petroleum jelly to minimize friction.

If your golf shoes are made entirely of synthetic leather, such as B. Puma spikes or FJ PRO SL, use saddle soap to soften the hard leather of the golf shoes. I have personally tested this method and it works very well.

If your golf shoes get wet while golfing on wet grass, I recommend stuffing your golf shoes with newspaper or a cedar last to absorb any residual moisture. When there is moisture in golf shoes, air bubbles are created, which can create a squeaking sound. Therefore, it is important to dry your golf shoes thoroughly when wet.

Final Thought

I hope you found this guide useful on what causes your golf shoes to squeak. If all of the above doesn’t work, you can also play golf with trail running shoes. Trail running shoes don’t squeak. However, if you are a recreational golfer, I recommend golfing in trail running shoes.

Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak? [Let’s Investigate]
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