Why Do Mets Fans Wave Their Hands?

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Waving hands is an action that is as old as man. It means different things to different people given the present circumstances or situations on display. More so, while it is said to be one of the easiest yet most complex ways of communicating, it varies from person to person, culture to culture, sports, and maybe individual perceptions as the case may be. To some it may serve as a welcoming message with no provocative intent while to others it may send an offensive message, While we seek to explore the reason for this action amongst METS Fans, we might dive deeper into other related subjects. Let us know ‘Why Do Mets Fans Wave Their Hands?’.

Why Do Mets Fans Wave Their Hands?

Why Do METS Fans Wave Their Hands?

Simply put, METS fans wave their hands or do the. wave to show their disappointment in how a baseball game is turning out. Well, at least this is the most common reason why METS fans wave their hand. There are several other reasons why METS fans will wave their hands. Sometimes it could be because the game isn’t as interesting as it usually is. It could also be because a player is doing something wrong and they are displeased. It could also be because their team is far behind in the innings. Also, METS fans will raise their hand to spite other opposing fans or opposing team players. These are the other reasons why METS fans wave their hands. By and large, the general reason is to show their displeasure over the game. 

What Exactly Is The Wave? 

The Wave also known as the Mexican Wave is usually common amongst sports fans. They do this by standing up from their seats in the arena or field, and stretching their hands to the farthest height, then going back to take their former seating position. This act is originally meant to ginger the morale of players in the field who are lagging, letting them know that they need to do better. It usually shows that the fans are not happy with the team’s position on the scoreboard, and want them to do better. The wave usually starts from one end of the field and circulated across the field, with everyone in the arena doing the wave. Yes, everyone. While the losing fans do it to communicate their displeasure, winning fans do it as an unwritten rule to always continue the wave once it gets to where you’re seated, and also to mock the losing team and their fans. 

This is probably why today, The Mexican Wave has changed in meaning. It is now a means to spite opposing teams, their fans, and even your team. In recent times once the wave is done it communicates that players are not entertained by the game and have lost absolute interest in what is going on on the pitch. So to get some entertainment, they wave. 

Effects of The Mexican Wave

The Mexican Wave can cause several effects, most of which are negative. This is why there have been campaigns across several baseball arenas for the discontinuation of The Mexican Wave practice. Here are some of the effects of the Mexican Wave. We will start with the positive ones and round up with those that are negative. 

  1. It gives the losing team the motivation to play better and possibly win the game. 
  2. It is healthy for the competition. 
  3. It gives the necessary entertainment to what would have been a boring game. 
  4. It is a distraction to players. 
  5. While it is a good motivation, it can cause at the same time kill the morale of players showing them that the fans are no longer interested in the game. 
  6. It can lead to disputes and physical confrontations amongst warring or aggrieved fans like the dispute between METS and Yankees fans. 

The Mexican Wave has been used in different situations to mean different things. For METS fans, this is a symbol of their disappointment in how a baseball game is going. Lately, METS fans have been doing this so often that to the older generation of METS supporters, this action has become displeasing and termed anti-true supporters’ spirit. Could this incessant wave by METS fans be a result of the regular loss by The METS, or it’s just a habit that METS fans have cultivated to give them value for their $50 ticket fee, by providing them the entertainment they need?

Frequently Asked Questions 
  1. Is the Mexican Wave or the wave just like the usual wave as if to say goodbye? 

No, it is not. In actuality, the wave doesn’t involve moving the hands to both sides rather it is raising and stretching the hand forward until it reaches its limit. 

  1. Why is a section of spectators disapproving of the wave? 

This is because they feel the wave is gradually being misused and is becoming a discouraging behavior to both fans and lovers of the baseball game. 

Why Do Mets Fans Wave Their Hands?
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