Top 7 Best MMA Hand Wraps For Professionals & Beginners (2021 Reviews)

Best MMA Hand Wraps

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Best MMA Hand Wraps

These days, many programs raise the awareness of using hand wraps when sparring or doing martial arts. The hand wraps serve as a cushion for the hands and a thin cover to protect the same as boxing gloves do. 

The best MMA hand wraps are often sufficiently durable to prevent your hands from damaging. So, if you are choosing for yourself an MMA hand wrap, you should not miss this article. It contains the most useful information of some of the best hand wraps and buying guides. 

You can find out more right now. Let’s get started!

Meister Adult 180"...
Ringside Mexican Style Boxing...
Pro Impact Mexican Style...
Meister Adult 180"...
Ringside Mexican Style Boxing...
Pro Impact Mexican Style...
Meister Adult 180"...
Meister Adult 180"...
Ringside Mexican Style Boxing...
Ringside Mexican Style Boxing...
Pro Impact Mexican Style...
Pro Impact Mexican Style...

Top 7 Best MMA Hand Wraps 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Meister Adult Hand Wraps

Meister Adult 180"...
  • Full-length Meister Adult 180" Hand...
  • High quality cotton and spandex...
  • Designed for maximum wrist support,...

When mentioning the king of hand wraps, Meister Adult Hand Wraps is a product not to be missed. In the hand wraps available on the market today, Meister Adult Hand Wraps can confidently provide the user with everything he needs.

The first advantage of this hand wraps is the reliable structure. Meister uses a blend of spandex and cotton to design their products. These two materials have their own advantages and disadvantages to support each other.

Because of strength and durability, Cotton is always at the forefront of the material of choice, but it has no tension. But spandex is an artificial fiber capable of extending 500 times its original length and maintaining its shape.

This unique combination makes Meister Adult Hand Wraps soft. Also, it helps reduce abrasion and sweat absorption.

Another prominent feature that makes Meister Adult Hand Wraps stand out is its incredible length. Size 180 inches is suitable for any arm-wrap method.


  • Impressive length
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable


  • Slightly thin

Meister Adult Hand Wraps are becoming more and more popular than ever. Get it now or cry later before it runs out of stock.

#2 Best for Beginners: Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps

Ringside Mexican Style Boxing...
  • Mexican style hand wraps with 180"...
  • Complete with thumb loop for safety...
  • Boxers need to protect their most...

If you are a beginner and are looking for hand wraps right for you, then you should not ignore Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps. These hand wraps are both top quality and affordable. This hand wrap is suitable for irregular exercises, about 3 days a week.

First, Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps are a monumental choice for sparring and bag work. Beginners who play this sport often build muscle through hard work using bag work and single bars. With these hand wraps, your hand will have absolute safety.

Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps are thicker than many other hand wraps on the market. The combination of great thickness and elastic design provides a soft cushion covering the knuckles and wrists.

This hand wrap is long, about 180 inches with a thumb ring on one end and Velcro on the other. This design helps users to wrap their hands easily, especially beginners. Also, the hook and loop closure system support faster bandage change.


  • Great thickness
  • Brings comfort
  • Unique design


  • Use only with moderate intensity

Overall, Ringside Mexican Style Hand Wraps are a highly regarded product on the market. This will definitely be a suitable option for you. For more information about this product, visit the link in its name.

#3 Best Durable: Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wraps

Pro Impact Mexican Style...
  • GREAT SUPPORT. Pro Impact’s...
  • SECURE FIT. Each Pro Impact Boxing...

Pro Impact is a famous brand of sports equipment based in the US. Their products are prime quality and the prices are very reasonable, especially hand wraps. So customers trust in the designs of this brand.

Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Hand wraps have very good elasticity. Although there are many layers of fabric, it does not cause discomfort to users. It has moderate elasticity, enough to satisfy customers’ needs.

Besides, another amazing feature of this product is an excellent support mechanism. With a length of about 180 inches and impressive tension, this hand wraps will give your wrists enough support without preventing blood from circulating or being too loose.

To ensure safety and reliability, Pro Impact’s Hand wraps have the “This Side Down” sign. This is amazing, isn’t it?


  • Pleasant tension
  • Moderate thickness
  • Durable


  • Probably not suitable for tight gloves

Thanks to its impressive durability, Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Hand wraps can last a long time. You will not have to replace it after a few uses. Let this hand wraps accompany you in every match today!

#4 Best Glove Wraps: RDX Boxing Hand Wraps 

RDX Boxing Hand Wraps Inner...

Similar to the above products, the RDX Boxing Hand Wraps is also one of the most appreciated models on the market today. If you regularly train with high intensity, this is a reasonable choice for you.

The RDX Boxing Hand Wraps delivers prime quality and good value for money. Customers always have the top priority. They are durable enough to withstand any external impact. Even if you use it daily, it still meets your needs.

The manufacturer uses a mixture of 30% cotton and 70% polyester to build the unique design of these hand wraps. The reason that cotton and polyester blends are preferred is that they are highly resistant to tearing and abrasion.

In particular, this material offers perfect elasticity. RDX always ensures to create the most comfortable products for customers,


  • Great material
  • Soft cushion
  • Amazing elasticity


  • Must take care when washing

Uncompromising quality with perfect materials made the famous of RDX Boxing Hand Wraps. These hand wraps are worth buying. Discover the amazing quality of this product by adding it to the cart.

#5 Best Comfortable: Fairtex Hand Wraps

Fairtex Elastic Cotton...
  • Full - length elastic 100% cotton...
  • Made from special soft and flexible...
  • Length: 120 inch and 180 inch.

Fairtex Elastic is a traditional hand wrap made entirely from cotton. For those who do not put too much elasticity, Fairtex Elastic Cotton Hand Wraps is still a perfect choice.

Cotton is most appreciated for comfort. Because it not only has high air permeability but also has excellent absorbency. Worrying about sweat won’t be a problem anymore.

Also, cotton can exist for a much longer time than other materials. If you accidentally tear, a repair will be easier.


  • Soft
  • Flexible
  • Easy to fix


  • Less elastic

Overall, this is an outstanding hand wrap with prime quality. Become the champion with these hand wraps today!

#6 Best Value: Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps

Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps...
  • MEXICAN STYLE: Designed having the...
  • FIT & FEEL: The extra wide hook and...
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Our hand wraps...

The first attraction feature of the Hayabusa Hand Wraps is the impressive design. Producers weave Hayabusa labels on their products to create a dominant style. This design both creates enthusiasm for the user and does not make children feel.

Especially, this grand design also comes with reliable construction. The combination of good elasticity and strength makes Hayabusa Hand Wraps more appreciated. High-performance materials that bring creativity and proper alignment at hand.


  • Perfect thickness
  • Super soft and breathable
  • Excellent change mechanism


  • Maybe a little tight

Significant advantages have made Hayabusa Boxing Hand Wraps become the first choice of many people. Do not be afraid to try this product, maybe it is exactly what you are looking for.

#7 Best Well-Made: Hawk Hand Wraps

Hawk Padded Inner Gloves...
  • ✅VELCRO CLOSURE - Extra long...
  • ✅ ALL-PURPOSE - Thumb Hole and...

Last but not least, Hawk Hand Wraps is an indispensable product in this review. Burning a gel-rich finger is the first outstanding feature of this hand wraps. Besides minimal support, the second layer of magnetic protection will also ensure your fingers to be safe.

Besides, the stitches of these hand wraps are quite unique. Even if you wash it regularly, it will still be as new as the original. Manufacturers use cotton to create this pattern. Thanks to this careful reinforcement and wonderful material, the Hawk Hand Wraps have a long lifespan.

The long covering will give you absolute support.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Excellent air permeability


  • A strong stitch around your finger can be a little uncomfortable

Hawk Hand Wraps is a wise choice for any fighter. With its impressive features, this model will be your precious companion. If you want to find out more information about this product, visit the link at its name.

Things to Consider When Looking For the Best MMA Hand Wraps

1. Durability

Durability is on the top of features when purchasing an MMA hand wrap. The durability often attaches to the quality of the material and the way you maintain. In other words, the durability also depends on the hand wrap’s construction and the frequency you use it. 

Normally, some hand wraps are washable in the washing machine, but some others cannot. So, you should wash it by hand for sure. You simply do it in a large sink, soak and scrub it. 

2. Hook and Loop Closure

Almost famous brands use the hook and loop closure, especially the Velcro company. This closure system allows users to customize. If they are damaged, users can easily mend them. However, in most cases, they stay in place more tightly than the tied hand wrap does. 

3. Materials

3.1 Cotton

Cotton is the preferred material as it is breathable and suitable for sports equipment. Especially when people use it to design equipment for hands, it enables your palms to dry quickly and avoid chafing. 

After washing a few times, this material will be softer and less damage to the skin of the user. Although cotton has a limitation in the amount of stretching, some people still like it as it can give them more wrist support when they wear the hand wrap. 

3.2 Elastic and cotton Blend

It seems that the elastic and cotton blend is the most prevalent material for the hand wraps. The elastic allows users to stretch than cotton does. However, if you stretch it out so much, it will be wearing out fast. And unluckily, it is not easy to mend. 

3.3 Linen

Linen is the traditional material in some brands of martial arts. The manufacturers use the flax plant to make linen. This material can help you to stay cool, so many users praise it for this ability. 

Although it was an affordable material and a good alternative to some more expensive ones, it now becomes a high-end material. Linen costs more than these two materials above. And if you seek for linen hand wraps, you have to order through a specialty retailer. 


1. Do I need to buy the hand wraps in pairs?

Each hand wrap is in pairs and almost all sellers sell them in pairs. But you do not worry about the price as they will not double. When they ship the hand wraps, they often attach one hand wrap to the end of the other. So, you may think that it is a single piece. 

2. Do the hand wraps cushion my hands?

Normally, the hand wraps will not intend to cushion the wearer’s hands. This is just the gloves’ domain. The hand wraps are used to reinforce the wrist and the hand to avoid common damage and injury. As you may know, the small bones in the hands and wrists are easy to break. 

So, the hand wraps will do a great job to protect when you are training on the heavy bag. 

3. How can I wash my hand wraps if they are not washable in the machine?

The basic step you can do is to wash them in a sink with laundry soap. In case you are worried about the maintenance, you should read some instructions inside the box. Or the best way is to contact the manufacturers and ask them as there may be some specific cares for the hand wraps. 

Some companies have customer services that answer questions on their website, so you can easily access. 

4. How can I store the hand wraps?

Some vendors of hand wraps often sell the rollers which are suitable and ideal to store the hand wraps. This equipment is crank-operated and metal, allowing users to roll your hand wraps up neatly. It can double as the tension system when you reapply the bands. 

Another option is that you can roll them tightly in a mesh laundry bag, a pocket, or a small box. You can easily find these items in your house or on some websites. The companies occasionally sell them with the hand wraps. 

5. Are there any types of hand wraps for kids?

Yes, there are some typical hand wraps for children. They are shorter as kids have small hands and short arms. The bands will be narrower, and the thumb loops of the hand wraps will be smaller. However, the size may vary depending on each company. 

Final Thought – Best Hand Wraps For MMA Gloves

Above are some of the best MMA hand wraps available on the market nowadays. There are many brands offering hand wraps with a variety of quality and price. With the aforementioned reviews, you will soon have the right choice for your training.

Remember to use the hand wraps as they can provide you good protection without any injuries. Hopefully, after reading our buying guide, you will know some simple characteristics of MMA hand wraps. 

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Top 7 Best MMA Hand Wraps For Professionals & Beginners (2021 Reviews)

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