Top 9 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards For Beginners & Professionals (2021 Reviews)

Best Muay Thai Shin Guards For Beginners & Professionals

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Best Muay Thai Shin Guards For Beginners & Professionals

If you are practicing and training Muay Thai seriously, you must have a well-made pair of shin guards. It seems that the shin bone is the sensitive bone in the body, so it needs protection adequately at all times.

Besides, it also helps you protect your sparring partner if you land powerful kicks to his body, head, or limbs. This article summarizes all the information about the best Muay Thai shin guards for your practicing and training. It consists of some useful buying tips for you to consider carefully as well.

Let’s check them out now!

Top 9 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Hayabusa T3 Muay Thai Shin Guards

Hayabusa T3 Striking...
  • These martial arts shin guards are...
  • The ideal choice for MMA shin...

The reputation and dedication of the Hayabusa brand is the first thing that makes T3 Striking Shin Guards stand out. The manufacturer has pre-curved the front of the shin guards to make sure they match the shape of your feet the most. They can bring comfort and movement flexibility.

With the user guide, customers can choose the right size for themselves. Thanks to that, Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards became more and more popular with kickboxing and Muay Thai enthusiasts.

It is this comfort and convenience that has made Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards a prominent product on the market today.


  • Provides flexibility and toughness
  • Provides absolute protection without being too heavy
  • Excellent shock absorption mechanism


  • Slightly slippery

Hayabusa T3 Striking Shin Guards has become the first choice of many fighters because of the outstanding advantages. Enjoy every match with this product today by adding it to the cart!

#2 Best Solid: Twins Special Shin Guards

Twins Special Competition Shin...
  • Twins Shin Guards, Twins, Shin,...
  • Shin, Guard, Muay Thai, Kickboxing,
  • MMA mixed martial arts, UFC, thai...

If you are looking for a durable pair of shin guards, then Twins Special Shin Guards is the right choice for you. Here are two different popular shin guards on the market.

The first is the SGL2 model, which has a thicker design to provide stronger protection. The other model is SGL3. The manufacturer directs this shin guard towards a relaxed player. Each has different outstanding features, but they are worth buying.

The design is ordinary, but the quality is very amazing. Inside there is a cushion to protect your ankles and feet when moving. The lightweight and comfort that this cushion brings will make you feel excited.


  • Flexible movement with lightweight
  • Neat, not bulky
  • Move around freely as it will not rest on your toes


  • Slightly narrow width

With amazing features, Twins Special Shin Guard is increasingly popular in the market. For more details about these products, visit the link at their name.

#3 Best Durable: Venum Challenger Standup Shin Guards

Venum Challenger Standup...
  • 100% Synthetic leather for great...
  • High density foam with additional...
  • Lightweight design providing...

Venum is one of the excellent manufacturers with top quality products. They create products that are both strong in design and durable. Made of synthetic leather, the manufacturer has guaranteed the Venum Challenger to provide you with superior performance and absolute safety.

Based on this synthetic leather structure, the manufacturer also equipped a high-density foam to absorb any level of shock. From there, your feet will not hurt, and you can make your flexible movements.

In particular, the Venum Challenger Standup Shin Guards also carry pads along the shin and instep. This design supports you even when your feet are bare. Powerful attacks are no longer difficult!


  • Large Velcro straps ensure a perfect fit
  • A protective covering along the shin
  • Durable and lightweight


  • The cushion is slightly thin

With the above significant advantages, this will be an impressive gift for every Muay Thai enthusiast. Venum Challenger Standup Shin Guards is also suitable for those who want to practice their skills. Try it today and you will love it!

#4 Best for Big Calves: Fairtex Twister Shin Guards

Fairtex Muay Thai Shin Guards...
  • 1. Constructed of Syntek Leather.
  • 2. Detachable shin protector and...
  • 3. Shin protector can be twisted 90...

The persistent swelling of the ankle is a dreadful thing. Perhaps Fairtex Twister Shin Guards is the perfect choice to help you resolve this concern.

This product has removable toe guards so you can adjust the height of the shin guards to your liking. With 90-degree movement, this shin guard ensures that you can rotate or kick as easily as possible.

Also, this shin guard can protect an enormous distance on your feet thanks to the ability to go further out of the face. Although they can be separated into two separate parts, do not worry that they will be bulky. This is to provide the most perfect protection.


  • Two detachable parts are removable
  • Brings a higher level of protection
  • Fit and comfortable


  • It may be slippery if you sweat a lot

If you are looking for a nicely designed shin guard, then Fairtex Twister Shin Guards is a reasonable choice. Visit the link in the product name and you will learn more information about this shin guard.

#5 Best High-Quality: RDX Shin Guard

RDX Shin Guards for Boxing...
  • RDX Shin insteps are manufactured...
  • CE Certified, SATRA and SMMAF...
  • EVA-Lution foam coupled with...

The first use of a shin guard is protection above all. With RDX Shin Guard, you feel that amazing ability. Thanks to the anatomic design of the wearer’s shins, this shin guard is suitable for strenuous sports such as MMA or Muay Thai.

The lightweight and versatility of the RDX Shin Guard will surely surprise you. This model ensures the full mobilization needs of all Muay Thai practitioners.

Besides, the manufacturer also equips a cushion and foot guards in the shin area. This is to ensure you will not suffer any injuries during training. In particular, the ability to absorb moisture QD-1 will help eliminate any discomfort from the impact on the training process.


  • Nylastic material offers great strength and light weight
  • Amazing shock absorption mechanism
  • Moisture-wicking feature


  • May not be suitable for short people

Overall, the RDX Shin Guard is a product that can please every fighter. Own it right before it runs out of stock!

#6 Best Light-Weight: Meister MMA Padded Guards

Meister MMA Elastic Cloth Shin...
  • Full elasticated body hugs the legs...
  • Slides on easily but stays in place...
  • Unique hook and loop strap secures...

In protecting the outer casing with a hard shell, Meister MMA Padded Guards is a must-see. The manufacturer guarantees that this shin guard provides optimal protection without restricting customer movement.

Many shin guards on the market are heavy or change too much, so you absolutely do not have to worry about this model.

On top of the Meister MMA, Padded Guards is a hook and loop strap. This design allows you to protect it on your feet and avoid any risks during training.


  • Elastic structure
  • The special design brings outstanding mobility
  • The surrounding padding protects the foot from injury


  • Must be careful when using

Overall, Meister MMA Padded Guards is a highly regarded product on the market. This will definitely be a suitable option for you. For more information about this shin guard, visit the link in its name.

#7 Best Affordable: Elite Sports Protective Kickboxing

Elite Sports Muay Thai MMA...

The first advantage of Elite Sports Protective Kickboxing is the pre-curved configuration that takes the edge of your shin. It will help you reduce the burden of change for a perfect fit. Also, the Velcro straps contribute to this amazing ability.

Comfort in practice is always necessary, only then can you improve your skills. This is the expert use that Elite Sports Protective Kickboxing brings to each user. The only thing you need to do is concentrate on your training, other impact factors will not be a problem.


  • Brings back the natural feeling
  • Lightweight & supports flexible movements
  • Good fit


  • May become loose after a long time of use

This is a shin guard worth buying with interesting advantages. With this product, you will increasingly improve your skills. Experience these amazing features today by adding them to the cart.

#8 Best Fit: Sanabul MMA Shin Guards

Sanabul Essential Shin Guards...
  • Kickboxing or mm a Shin Guards...
  • Enhanced protection. Sanabul one...
  • No need to keep adjusting Shin...

With testimonials from big names in the MMA world, Sanabul MMA Shin Guards can convince any customer. This versatile shin guard will prove to you its popularity with its outstanding performance.

Worry about superficial marks on the legs after each workout will be gone. With high-impact foam, the manufacturer designs the core from a single piece capable of absorbing the shock generated from kicks. Inside, there is a cushion to simulate your foot for perfect comfort.

Another impressive plus point is the configuration of synthetic rubber slip. This model is durable with three stitches reinforcing it.


  • Versatile
  • Provides durability
  • There are many sizes


  • Small sizes may slip or twist when exercising

If you are a beginner to strong sports like Muay Thai or Kickboxing, try this shin guard. You will love it for sure!

#9 Best Easy-to-Put: Combat Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards

Combat Sports Washable MMA...
  • Completely washable by removing the...
  • Comfortable compression material...
  • Sold in Pairs

Last but not least, Combat Sports Muay Thai Shin Guard is an indispensable product in this review. The manufacturer of this shin guard comes with a sleeve. Find the best fit for you by putting your foot through the sleeve.

With an ergonomic design, Combat Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards ensure that you will perform your kicks most comfortably.

Fear of slipping is no longer a tough problem! Another convenient thing for you is that you do not have to adjust it during use. If it is dirty, you can completely wash it and wear it as usual. But please note that you have removed the foam cushion.


  • Lightweight
  • Washable
  • Does not affect the ability to move


  • The seam may tear after an extended period

Significant advantages have made Combat Sports Muay Thai Shin Guards become the first choice of many people. Don’t be afraid to try this product, maybe it is exactly what you are looking for.

Features To Consider When Choosing Muay Thai Shin Guards

1. Brand 

About the brand, the majority of brands in Thailand are preferable due to their quality materials. Some features contribute to their popularity and wide-ranges preference. 

Firstly, the manufacturers make the shin guards by hand individually. Secondly, Thailand is famous for this sport so they test their shin guards carefully. Finally, Thai fighters use these items for decades during training daily. From that point, the functionality and design work. 

2. Mobility and Protection

In terms of technique, a pair of wider shin guards can bring more protection as they can cover larger areas of the legs. However, someone argues that it may slow down the movements and also is bulkier. There are still narrower shin guards, but you may get bruises on the uncovered zone of legs when using them. 

Regarding protection, the thicker shin pad helps your sparring partner feel less excruciating on his ribs than the thinner ones. This rule works a similar way of using heavy gloves for sparring. This means that if the padding you use is thin, your shins will feel more impactful to the opponent. 

3. Sizing And Fit

Shin guards have many sizes from small to XL. Therefore, you also have many choices. For instance, a tall person may need a big size as his calves may be big. Remember that you should choose the right size for you. 

If yours are too big, they can move a lot and you need to adjust them immediately. By contrast, if they are so small that they cannot offer enough protection and be uncomfortable. Besides, the fit can vary from brand to brand. So, you should try on some brands to find the one that best fits. 

4. Weight And Thickness

Some people will like the thick shin guards as they may prove the best protection. However, you should also think about the freedom of movement during training. For example, a big and bulky shin guard can accommodate you with a lot of protection without kicking speed. 

Conversely, a slim and lightweight guard enables you to move more freely but does not provide much protection. It is imperative to use more protective pads. In some cases, you can learn to kick better with the heavy pads. 

5. Ankle And Foot Protection

The protection of foot and ankle is not appreciated much with shin guards, but it is very important. Foot and ankle are sensitive areas in your body as they have many small bones. They are also fragile in comparison with knees and shins. 

The wider foot protection seems to be the best as it can cover more zones of the foot and surround the ankle. So, when purchasing a pair of shin guards, you should consider the ankle and foot protection. 

An injured foot can take you away from training, even work, for a long time. Moreover, for extra protection, you can wear the ankle support sleeve as well. 

6. Sleeve Versus Hook-And-Loop

There are two major types of shin guards including sleeve and hook-and-loop. The sleeve or in-step shin guards ask you to slide your legs inside. It looks like the large socks. 

While the hook-and-loop is equipped straps at the back of a pair of shin guards. So, you can choose the one you like between these two types. 

7. Types Of Shin Guards

 Two types of shin guards are the MMA Grappling shin guards and the Muay Thai shin guards.

People design MMA shin guards with grappling in mind. Therefore, they are less bulky in comparison with Muay Thai shin guards. The MMA guards look like sock sleeves and they can keep the shin guards still during intensive training. 

By contrast, the Muay Thai guards with straps seem not to be practical under these conditions. Accordingly, they can provide more protection than MMA ones. The Muay Thai focuses on striking with legs and you need proper protection when blocking and checking your partners’ kicks. 

8. Materials

Normally, the manufacturers use leather to make shin guards including synthetic leather and genuine leather. The genuine leather is always the most prevalent choice when mentioning shin guards. They are durable and last longer than other materials. 

But high-quality synthetic leather also can be durable. Besides, it will give you more options regarding a wide range of colors and flashier designs. Especially, in case you are a vegan or vegetarian, the only choice should be synthetic leather. 

Some Tips For Choosing The Muay Thai Shin Guards

So, in case you plan to buy the shin guards from online shops, do not purchase them yet. You need to know clearly about the model and the size before clicking the buy button. And here are some useful tips for you to opt for the right model and size. 

Tip 1 

If you are still confused, you can ask your gym mates or instructors as you can try their guards to check beforehand. There is a multitude of brands, sizes, and models used at your gym. So, it is your chance to try all of them out. It is also a way to make friends. 

Tip 2 

In case your gym also sells some decent quality shin guards, you also can consider it. They may run their line of more popular brands or fight gear. Buying from your gym may be beneficial for you. 

You can try them first and may get a membership discount. However, the prices sometimes are higher than the same item you tend to buy online. 

Tip 3 

You should find a few fight stores in your living place before purchasing online. If you are not shy; you can head down to see the selection. Then, try some sizes and commit to the online purchase later. 

The price at the brick-and-mortar store is usually higher than the online one owing to the rental and operating costs. However, you still can get some discounts or good deals if you get along well with the local fight store. 

Final Words – Best Muay Thai Shin Guards Of Your Choice

As you can see, there is a wide range of available options. If you know your right size in a brand already, then it can be the same size as another brand. This list consists of some of the best Muay Thai shin guards which can help you usefully during sparring. Hopefully, you can make your decision more easily and happy with that after reading this article. 

Pro Tips: Choose the Right Shin Guards!!!

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Top 9 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards For Beginners & Professionals (2021 Reviews)

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