Top 9 Best MMA Walkout Songs Of All Time [YouTube]

Best MMA Walkout Songs

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Best MMA Walkout Songs

If you have ever enjoyed an MMA match, you would know how important MMA walkout songs are.

Not only do MMA walking-out songs act as the opening of a show but also the ultimate tool to set the watcher mood. Surprisingly, as some fighters pointing out, these walk-out songs might even help to intimidate fighters getting their heads and hands warming up.  

These fighters notice that they do not have to be intimidating themselves to get their fight partners and the watching fans shrinking back like a chicken.  A scary theme song, a much simpler solution, would do the job perfectly.

Top 09 Best MMA Walkout Songs Of All Time [2021]

#1 “Genesis”, Performed by Justice, Fighter: Nick Denis

I want to start this list with an upper-tone song that when you hear it, you would know it. This song could create a loud and clear “bang” in our head even when we are not actually watching an MMA match. No one could deny that it is, yet arguably, one of the most suitable and attractive entrance songs in fighting history.

Additionally, I want to share some respect toward the Canadian hard-hitting fighter, Nick Denis, and his renounced nickname of “Love Ninja”. It was still a surprise to us, MMA die-hard fans, that he retired at the age of 29. 

#2 “Welcome to Jam Rock”, Performed by Damian Marley, Fighter: Chris Leben and Jimmy Hettes

What could be better than a Jamaican telling their street songs in a match involved a Jamaican fighter himself?  Enjoy the reggae royalty and toasting pioneer Damian Marley as he weaves tales of the mean streets in the most famous song from the genre of toasting (or we could call it the other way as “Jamaican hip-hop”).

No intended teaser beforehand but I have to warn you that the song lyrics might contain some violence and offend. However, personally, I believe that is what makes the song a great fit in this MMA walk-out song list. And if you are already familiar with the song, let together shout out this holy chorus: “”out in the streets, they call it murrr…. derrrrr.”

#3 “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Performed by DMX, Fighter: Anderson Silva

No long introduction needed for such a classic I guess. This masterpiece is a completed match with its fighter. We could never separate DMX’s voice out of the image of Anderson Silva walking out. However, some might argue that this dark and brooding beat would instill fear if Christian Morecraft used it and I could not deny it. 

#4 “Ratamahatta”, Peformed by: Sepultura, Fighter: Thiago Silva

Now is the time for a metal representative. This “Ratamahatta” obviously deserves a spot in my list as it was made from the lords of metal-mad from the metal holy place – Brazil. The wilderness, the scary theme yet energetic could be implied nearly all right at the beginning of the song with the tribal chants, blast beats, and the middle bridge, well-composed to match with Thiago Silva’s savagery in the cage.

#5 “You Ain’t Stoppin Me”, Performed by Al Kapone, Fighter: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson

Al Kapone (not to be confused with Capone of New York duo Capone-N-Noreaga) is an influential but not relatively known by MMA fans. shares the same hometown of Memphis, Tennessee with Quinton Jackson. If you like Three 6 Mafia, you would find yourself stuck with Al Kapone’s rhythm. And then, you would agree with me that this track is the perfect backdrop for one of MMA’s most signature walkouts. 

#6 “Rusty Cage”, Performed by Johnny Cash, Fighter: Jon Fitch

This walking out song, much similar to its representative, Jon Fitch, proves the point that a fighter does not necessarily have to be loud and wild to scare his opponents. The song rumbles at a slow speed, visualizing an old warrior, rising up out of his chair, calmly reaching out his sharp ax hanging in the ceiling. 

And yes, we could all agree that is also Fitch’s fighting style. Any of his opponents should be a friendly reminder that they do not want to make him get out of his throne or they would deeply regret it.

#7 “Onward to Victory”, Performed by Icepick, Fighter: Andrei Arlovski

Total opposite with Fitch’s style. This one is a collection of sound effects. But when the jackboots, dogs, and sirens spare the way to the music, it is still raw. 

Just thinking about it would give anyone a headache. It would be a rare chance for anyone to store this song into their playlist and enjoy it. Regardless, the intimidation in these three-and-a-half minutes is undeniable. 

#8 “It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot”, Performed by DMX, Fighter: Chuck Liddell

Another shoot for DMX unsurprisingly as the artist’s songs are always in the most popular list of walk-out songs. The deep-throated rapper is at one of his best notes on this track. And it proved its complete fitness when you hear it accompanied by Chuck Liddell walking trail to the cage when the fighter himself was at his best.

#9 “A Country Boy Can Survive”, Performed by Hank Williams Jr., Fighter: Matt Hughes

Apart from Wanderlei Silva’s “Sandstorm, hardly any song could be more fit with its representative fighter than this one with the legendary Matt Hughes.

The lyrics themselves tell it all. “Because there’s a storm a-brewing on the horizon. And that can only mean one thing. The sheriff’s headed into town. You hear me, Frank Trigg, you cur? Run. And tell all the other curs The Law is coming”.

Final Words

Here are the 09 most enjoyed and attractive MMA walkout songs of all time. Please be aware before you dive in our amazing song list that while some fighters mentioned on this list are indeed intimidating themselves, this is not a compilation of intimidating fighters nor does it try to imply any about the rankings of these.

Yes, it is simply a list of amazing MMA walkout songs that might help you bring back several good fighting memories.

Top 9 Best MMA Walkout Songs Of All Time [YouTube]
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